Precisely Trillium Data Quality is a leading, scalable, enterprise data quality platform with off-the-shelf rules for complex South African name and address data, and the ability to manage and cleanse any kind of data.

Enterprise Data Quality for Africa

Improve Data Quality and Make Better Business Decisions

Your business success depends on accurate data

A Smarter Approach to Data Quality

Often, critical business information is trapped in separate silos, recorded in inconsistent formats, and inaccessible to those who need it most. This diminishes the quality of your customer experience, hinders operational efficiency and threatens regulatory compliance.

The Precisely Trillium data quality suite rapidly transforms your data into trusted business information to support strategic initiatives across your organisation such as:

  • Data governance
  • Customer 360
  • Data validation
  • Data enrichment
  • Data migrations
  • and more...

Rapidly discover hidden insights in your data

Data Profiling: What you don’t know can hurt you

All business decisions rest on foundations of customer, product, sales and financial data. Companies spend millions on initiatives intended to manage data assets more effectively, such as CRM, MDM, and ERP. For these projects to be “successful”, the data within these systems must be of high quality. Data profiling, therefore, is not only a critical first step in evaluating the data that populates these applications, but also a requirement to manage, maintain, and monitor their lifetime value.

Understanding the structure, format, and accuracy of data and its relationship to other data elements helps businesses specify, control, and manage enterprise data assets. Identifying, analyzing, and understanding the state of enterprise data upfront—what is present, absent, corrupted, and misfielded—before you begin any data migration or integration process from legacy systems, can predispose success or failure. Upfront profiling mitigates data challenges that increase risk, undermine Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and impede sound decision-making.

See what lurks beneath

Data profiling presents insights into the condition of the data that resides in data sources throughout the enterprise. Automated data profiling applies pre-crafted, out-of-the-box business rules to multiple data elements across disparate databases and applications to expose what would likely be unforeseen correlations. It reveals relationships between data elements (attributes) within a data source or across multiple data sources. It then applies statistical analysis to attributes to identify data issues including:

  • Incorrect data
  • Missing data
  • Data anomalies
  • Misfielded data
  • Nulls

and points you to the places where those issues, inconsistencies and anomalies exist.

Capture a true profile of your data

By revealing complex relationships among scattered data sources within the enterprise and providing insight into the structure of data, data profiling and discovery imbue companies with the confidence to move forward with ambitious data architecture projects.

A thorough understanding of data structure and its overall condition improves results gleaned from any initiative.

  • Data modelling: analyze schema relationships within data and metadata
  • Data migration and integration: identify relationships for transformations
  • Data quality: establish the validity and accuracy of data
  • Data governance: understand data relationships for compliance and regulatory reporting
  • Business Intelligence: validate data dependencies, such as valid product ids matching product items, for accurate enterprise reporting

The process of data discovery can be complex and resource intensive.

Comprehensive data discovery capabilities from Trillium Software make the process easy. Trillium Software technology accomplishes in-depth data discovery and profiling to uncover the “unknowns” that might otherwise be overlooked and automatically captures a complete and true profile of enterprise data, its metadata, and related data quality assessment. We then deliver the power to cleanse and correct all the problems that emerge.

Get Real-Time Access to Trusted Data

Recognised by Gartner as a leader in data quality tools

Precisely Trillium will quickly resolve your immediate data quality needs and also scale and adapt to your evolving business, technology and data challenges.

  • Trillium Discovery – access, modify and manage data quality standards collaboratively with a web-based business rules centre
  • Trillium Quality – cleanse, standardise, match and enrich customer, product and financial data, as well as any type of critical business information. Fix existing data quality issues and embed data quality services to stop bad data from entering your systems

Deploy Trillium into your ETL processes, natively in your big-data environment, or as real-time web or REST services to ensure data integrity across your entire data landscape.



Local and International support

A solution that deals adequately with American data may fail to deal with South African data.

Knowledge of local culture, language and standards can have a significant impact on data quality efforts - particularly when dealing with Party (Name and Address) data.

As the South African partner, Masterdata works with Precisely to maintain and enhance the South African data quality rules.

Our off-the-shelf rules seamlessly handle English and Afrikaans address and business variations, spelling errors, renaming of towns and cities, and similar complexities - saving hundreds of hours of development effort in comparison to solutions that do not offer this head start.

We also have experience in the delivery of Country projects elsewhere in Africa.

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