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Data Analysis CertificationAn accredited data analysis certification helps any BI professional, Data Scientist, or knowledge worker to demonstrate their expertise in understanding and analysing data. We combine expert training and examinations to build and demonstrate your expertise.

Data Analysis Certified

Introducing Data Analysis Certified (DAC), a professional designation that validates your expertise in data analysis.

The DAC designation proudly declares that you have learned from industry leaders and have demonstrated a profound understanding and application of concepts and techniques in one or more of the three data analysis subject areas: business analysis, data analytics, and advanced analytics.

Combining the "data analysis certified" distinction with your specific job title creates a powerful message.

Just imagine the impact when you introduce yourself as a Data Analysis Certified Operations Manager, Data Analysis Certified Financial Controller, Data Analysis Certified Marketing Specialist, Data Analysis Certified Business Analyst, Data Analysis Certified Data Scientist, and more. As a Data Analysis Certified professional, you'll experience newfound respect, engaging conversations, and exciting opportunities for career growth.

Two levels of DAC accreditation

eLearningCurve offer two levels of accredited data analytics certification: DAC and DAC Ex.

DAC Ex represents the pinnacle of certification, showcasing your expertise, experience, and excellence as a data analysis practitioner.

DAC certification is achieved by completing four courses (two required and two electives) and passing the corresponding exam. For DAC Ex certification, you'll need to complete seven courses (two required and five electives), excel in the expert-level exams, and demonstrate at least five years of work experience in relevant business and/or information management roles.

Who can benefit from Data Analysis Certification?

Well, DAC is designed for everyone whose job responsibilities involve analyzing data. Data analysis, once the domain of technical professionals, has now become a core business capability. With data abundantly available and accessible in today's business landscape, data analysis skills have become essential for business managers, data scientists, knowledge workers, and even functional staff who report to business managers. Whether you're a business manager, a data analyst, a business analytics professional, or an advanced analytics practitioner, DAC equips you with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in your role.

What sets the Accredited Data Analytics Certification apart?

Data Analysis Certification is not just a certification; it represents a meaningful journey of learning, growth, and acquiring new knowledge. Through a carefully curated selection of courses, you'll have the opportunity to gain expertise in the entire analysis process. From framing analysis problems and evaluating data to exploring patterns, visualizing insights, and turning analysis into action, DAC empowers you with comprehensive skills.

DAC offers three tracks tailored to meet the specific learning and certification needs of different roles and responsibilities.

Data Analysis Certification Tracks

The Business Analysis track caters to business professionals who need to analyze data, including managers, knowledge workers, and business and data analysts.

The Data Analytics track is ideal for information management professionals responsible for business intelligence and performance management systems.

Lastly, the Advanced Analytics track is designed for those with data mining and data science roles and responsibilities. 

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With eLearningCurve, you can take the courses you need, precisely when you need them, from anywhere in the world. The flexible approach allows you to study at your own pace, review materials as often as you like, and assess your knowledge through convenient online exams. This guarantees optimal comprehension and retention of valuable information.

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