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Data Quality is about having the right data, in the right place, for analytics and operational purposes

Ultimately, data quality is a business function that should be supported by IT.

Ultimately, data quality is a business function that should be supported by IT.

Ensuring quality data is an ongoing function that may include a combination of automated data quality checks and validations, automated data cleansing and matching, and manual data scrubbing or remediation.

Good quality data is the foundation for successful operations, analytics and planning.- ensuring that the data supporting operations, decision making and planning are fit for purpose - irrispective of when, how or why they entered the organisation.

While tactical data quality approaches have a role to play at a project level, we suggest that data quality adds most value when it provides a consistent approach to ensuring fit for purpose data across the enterprise. Tactical approaches should therefore be alligned to the enterprise data quality strategy, which may, in turn, be driven by your data governance policies.

We assist you to ensure that the data that powers your business is fit for purpose, through a combination of data quality implementation, education and the enterprise data quality platform.

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