eLearningCurve offers accredited certifications for working data management professionals worldwide

They have become an important tool for professionals and employers seeking to hire the most qualified people.

The Online University for Data Management Professionals

eLearningCurve delivers comprehensive online education programs in various disciplines of information management to thousands of professionals worldwide.

The courses are engineered to create maximum educational value for students, combining relevant content from leading instructors with a cutting-edge delivery system. With eLearningCurve, you can take the courses you need when you need them from any place at any time. Study at your own pace, listen to the material many times and test your knowledge through online exams to ensure maximum information comprehension and retention.

eLearningCurve offers four robust certification programs.

Data Literacy Certification (DLC) certifies baseline data literacy knowledge for business professionals. It is recommended to everyone who works with data in any capacity.

Certified Information Management Professional (CIMP) builds upon education to certify expertise in various information management disciplines. 

Certified Data Steward  (CDS) is a role-based certification designed to formalize the role of data stewardship and to drive recognition of Data Steward as a professional designation. 

The Data Management Capability Assessment Model (DCAM) is the industry-standard, best practice framework developed by industry professional members of EDM Council. Certification can be taken stand-alone, or combined with either CIMP or CDS accreditation

Enterprise solutions

eLearningCurve Enterprise is a flexible, scalable, cost-effective solution for teams and enterprises. Whether your team or department work in the same office or are on the other side of the world from each other, you can train them on time and on budget with eLearningCurve Enterprise.

Stay ahead of the curve

More than 3,000 students and organizations from over 70 countries around the world trust eLearningCurve to further their data management education needs.

With a curriculum of over 80 courses covering 8 areas of specialisation, eLearningCurve is the premier data management education and certification provider.

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About eLearningCurve

eLearningCurve was founded to provide state-of-the-art online education and comprehensive industry certification in various information management disciplines with the vision to bring a better level of content, and a higher set of results to this information and data management.

eLearningCurve’s 3,000 students come from over 70 countries around the globe. Over 80% are from enterprise customers – companies and governmental institutions that use the curriculum to educate many employees. They range from smaller clients or project teams, that enrol a handful of employees, to larger organizations that use eLearningCurve education as the backbone for their internal education programs for hundreds of employees.

eLearningCurve was featured as one of Analytics Insights magazine’s “Top Recommended Data Science and AI Training institutes” in 2020, along with regular features for other programs.

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