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only 21% are data literateData Literacy is essential to make information a business differentiator. 

Yet, in practice, only 25% of workers feel they use data effectively in their jobs, and only 21% of workers feel confident in their overall data literacy skills. It doesn't matter how much data your business collects if your staff and decision-makers are not equipped to use it effectively.

Build data competence with our Data Literacy Courses and Certification.

Just as literacy involves the ability to read the written word and comprehend what you have read, data literacy involves the ability to source, interpret, and communicate data in context. The critical skills provided by data literacy courses enable an organization to use data effectively for business actions and outcomes.

Not only must organizations take steps to educate professionals who are involved in crafting data-driven solutions, products and services, they must also ensure those steps achieve the goal of teaching all relevant employees to speak data as their new second language, as well as developing and nurturing communities in which the language will flourish” - Gartner

Through our partnership with international experts, we provide a comprehensive, structured curriculum to suit every knowledge worker:

Convenient and Comprehensive

  • On-Demand
  • Comprehensive, Structured Data Management Curriculum for all levels
  • International Expertise
  • Progress Reporting
  • Examinations and Certifications


Enterprise Data Management Training Solutions

Our data management courses offer knowledge workers at every level the opportunity to expand their data literacy skills, whilst achieving an internationally recognised certification.

"eLearningCurve's course authors and instructors are also practitioners. They go beyond theory and academics to enrich the courses with examples, case studies, and storytelling about their experience in the field"

Analytics Insights Magazine

For data analytics and IT professionals

We offer a range of courses and education packages building skills in data science, business intelligence and analytics, as well as supporting disciplines such as data governance, data modelling and metadata management, master data management and data quality, Our certification packages are designed to provide a consistent foundation, based on best practices, whilst providing room for individuals to pursue their specialist interests.

For business users and decision-makers

Our data literacy program provides context and data wisdom to knowledge workers at any level of the business. We also look to empower the part-time data steward with an understanding of the role, and the basic data literacy competencies to deliver.

For Human Capital and Training Staff

We have thousands of satisfied students from over 70 countries worldwide. Our instructors are experienced,  internationally recognised consultants sharing practical tips and implementation advice, as well as the theory.

What do we offer:

  • A comprehensive training solution from a single provider

We offer more than just a collection of courses, we offer a comprehensive information management curriculum

  • On-demand training for each staff member - minimising disruption to the business

Employees can connect anywhere and anytime, all that they need is an internet connection

  • A consistent standard of training for each staff member, across any geography
  • Achieve unlimited scalability - roll out to a few employees or the entire organisation
  • Stretch your training budget

We offer various pricing options including volume discounts, a pay-as-you-go model with increasing discounts, and other alternatives.

  • Achieve 100% information comprehension

Your staff will learn from top industry experts sharing their practical experiences. They can study at their own pace, listen to the material many times, and test their knowledge through certification exams. 

  • Track progress

We provide management reports to allow you to track the progress of each team member

Building Enterprise-Wide Data Literacy

Data Literacy is a differentiatorWe expect information to be a business differentiator.

Yet, in practice, only 25% of workers feel they use data effectively in their jobs, and only 21% of workers feel confident in their overall data literacy skills.

It doesn't matter how much data your business collects if your staff and decision-makers are not equipped to use it effectively.

A data-literate individual is equipped to understand, interpret, and apply data to fulfil their knowledge-gathering, decision-making, and communication responsibilities.

Every individual takes part in creating a data-literate organization with the ability to communicate, collaborate, and innovate using data.

We need to invest to empower knowledge workers at all levels of the business to ask the right questions of data and machines, to challenge the outputs of machine learning and AI algorithms, and, to interpret data and make the correct deductions.

It will make your business more streamlined since those that understand their data won't need to wait for the data science team to interpret the data for them. And, you will reduce your risk of data losses and breaches if your employees, at all levels, understand how and why to handle data responsibly

Data Literacy Courses and Certification for every knowledge-worker

data literacy certificationWe offer three levels of data literacy courses – DLC, DLC Expert, and DLC Mentor – to meet the unique need of various business professionals. We can also address the need for data literacy education and certification for the enterprise. 

Data Analytics Certifications for Decision Making

DACWe offer three data analytics tracks.

Our business analysis track targets data analysts and business users that need to analyse data. Our data analytics track is for BI and performance management specialists, while our advanced analytics track caters for data scientists and other advanced analytics specialists.

Data Management certifications for working professionals

CIMPThe Certified Information Management Professional (CIMP) curriculum builds upon education to certify knowledge and understanding of information management. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned industry professional, you will gain value from these practical, hands-on courses. 

Data Stewardship Certifications for Data Stewards

CDSThe Certified Data Stewardship program formalises the role of the data steward, provides a foundation of data literacy for business users thrust into the role, and drives recognition of data stewardship as a profession.

Certifications For EDM Council frameworks

In partnership with the EDM Council, we offer training and certification in the:

  • Data Management Capability Assessment Model (DCAM)
  • Cloud Data Management Capabilities Framework (CDMC)

FAQ about our data management training

How is the training delivered?

eLearningCurve presents courses in HTML5. The courses run as presentations in a web browser and allow the student to pause, resume, start over and skip ahead in a very flexible manner.

Who are the instructors?

eLearningCurve takes pride in presenting instructional material from some of the most sought-after names in the industry. If you have been to a big data conference or checked an information management bookshelf you will recognize many of these experts, corporate training gurus, and top consultants. With eLearningCurve you can benefit from their expertise without leaving your home or office.

Who does the training target?

Our programs are designed to help companies with a comprehensive program of courses designed to increase data management skills. Courses teach fundamental principles and include practical examples from the experience of the instructors.

The content targets a broad range of  IT and business audiences. The product page for each course describes the target audience and prerequisite information and provides a course outline. Also, each course is accompanied by a Sneak Peek preview, in which the instructor talks about the course structure and objectives and includes a short portion of the actual course. 

In general, we prefer to work directly with your training department, but individuals can buy directly.

How long do I have access to the course material?

Each course is available to you for 12 months from the date of purchase (or 24 months if purchased as a part of an Education Package) and you will have 45 days to complete it once you access it for the first time.

Do I need to take a course in one sitting?

No. You may close out the presentation and return to it at a later time. The Course Server will track your progress so that you may resume where you left off, even if resuming from a different computer. Note, however, when taking an eLearningCurve exam, you may not pause or resume the module. Exams must be taken from beginning to end in one sitting.

What is the procedure for taking the exams?

Exams are open-book and intended to test your understanding of the content taught.

Once you start the exam, the Learning Server will open a separate browser window in which questions will appear. The main browser window (also called "communications window") will stay open behind. Do not close the communications window or the exam results will not be saved! Once you finish answering all questions, you will be asked to click the 'Submit All' button and then the 'Finish' button. At that point, please, wait till the communications window finishes processing and offers you to go back to the list of modules. The exam should then show the status 'Completed' indicating that the results were successfully saved.

Exams run for approximately 20 to 30 minutes. You have up to three attempts to pass an exam and will receive feedback via email within 48 hours of completing an exam. 

Do I get a Certificate?

Once you pass the exam, you will receive a Certificate of Education documenting that you have demonstrated mastery of the topic.

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