The Data Literacy Body of Knowledge (DLBOK) is a structured comprehensive list of topics comprising the data literacy professional domain

Data Literacy Body of Knowledge (DLBoK)

eLearningCurve's DLBoK

eLearningCurve's Data Literacy Certification program includes comprehensive online study materials covering all topics in the Data Literacy Body of Knowledge, as well as professional certifications in data literacy.

Presented below is an outline of the DLBOK. 

1. Data and Databases
1.1 Data Fundamentals
1.2 Database Fundamentals

2. Data Knowledge and Data Governance
2.1 Managing Data Knowledge
2.2 Data Governance

3. Data Resource Management
3.1 Data Resource Consolidation
3.2 Managing the Data Resource
3.3 Using the Data Resource

4. Data Provisioning
4.1 Finding and Evaluating Data
4.2 Data Preparation

5. Data Analysis
5.1 Data Analysis Techniques
5.2 Data Visualization
5.3 Analysis to Action

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