Unlocking the value of your enterprise information

Information is the life blood of any modern business

back ground keyIt underlies every business decision, customer relationship, and business investment. How can you know if the information that you rely on everyday is the most accurate, consistent, and reliable?.

Our focus, over more than ten years, is to reduce the complexity of data management.

We do this through a combination of data management training, consulting and technology to enable your business to unlock the value of its information assets.

DNB case study - achieving data driven customer centricity
eBook Building a data quality ROI
Whitepaper - 4 steps to achieving better marketing
IDC report - Collibra

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19 October 2019

  • Why is data being taken more seriously?
    I some times joke to my customers and prospects that I have been doing data since long before it was fashionable. One of the challenges of working in a relatively small market is that one tends to revolve through the same doors – having got a “not now” response i tend to come back six…
  • Are you struggling to really track lineage?
    Date lineage is increasing important to business users looking to understand and trust data. Yet tradtional solutions provide incomplete and inaccurate results

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