Unlocking the value of your enterprise information

Information is the life blood of any modern business

back ground keyIt underlies every business decision, customer relationship, and business investment. How can you know if the information that you rely on everyday is the most accurate, consistent, and reliable?.

Our focus, over more than ten years, is to reduce the complexity of data management.

We do this through a combination of data management training, consulting and technology to enable your business to unlock the value of its information assets.

DNB case study - achieving data driven customer centricity
eBook Building a data quality ROI
Whitepaper - 4 steps to achieving better marketing
IDC report - Collibra

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20 August 2019

  • Stop worrying about the what of metadata
    It may sound counter-intuitive but the “what” of metadata is probably the least important thing. Why do I say that? We, let’s start by looking at what metadata is. Metadata is information about other data that gives it context. Two common examples are the data dictionary and the business glossary. The “what” of the data…
  • Creating a single customer view – harder than you think
    But to business, having customer data consolidated into a master data management application often leaves a bad taste.

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