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Data literacy is now a standard business skill set. Get certified with our e-learning-based data literacy courses

Data Literacy Certification 

Data Literacy Certification

DLC Data Literacy Course Packages

We've made it easy for you to get the education you need to master the many dimensions of data literacy.

Each package includes eLearning study materials plus exams necessary to earn your data literacy certification.

 Data Literacy Courses

DLC Package

Our data literacy courses include the Data Literacy Basics material and certify baseline data literacy knowledge for business professionals.

It is recommended to everyone who works with data in any capacity.

DLC Expert Package

Comprehensive data literacy education and certification for business professionals who work with data extensively.

It is recommended particularly for those who work in data-driven industries, such as insurance or finance.

DLC Mentor Package

Designed to certify breadth and depth of knowledge for individuals with the advanced data skills needed to serve as mentors and coaches, and to help grow data literacy throughout the organization.

DLC Upgrade Package

Allows DLC students to upgrade to DLC Expert, or DLC Expert students to upgrade to DLC Mentor.

CDS + Data Literacy Certification Packages

The most effective Data Stewards are both business savvy and data literate.

When business domain knowledge and experience are blended with a high level of data literacy, a data steward is prepared to tackle the most challenging of data issues. Data Stewards who understand and appreciate the roles and contributions of data engineers, data analysts, business analysts and other data stakeholders are equipped to be highly effective consensus builders and problem solvers. To excel as a caretaker and steward of data, data literacy is imperative.

For this reason, we are now offering a series of packages combining our Data Stewardship and Data Literacy courses and certifications.

Enterprise Data Literacy

Data literacy is a differentiator between companies that thrive and those that struggle to survive. Recent studies find that organizations with aggressive data literacy programs outperform those who have not prioritized data literacy. Data is viewed by many as the most valuable commodity of the 21st century. Companies that fail to harness their data will quickly lose relevance, reputation, and revenue

A data-literate workforce is fundamental to creating value from data. Collectively the workforce must have all of the skills to understand, find meaning, interpret, and communicate with data. Every individual needs to have a working knowledge of where data comes from, how it is processed, how it is organized, how it is managed, and how it is used. Data Literacy Certification (DLC) helps to identify and fill knowledge gaps and to assure that your workforce is a valuable and effective contributor to success as a data-driven enterprise.

Our Data Literacy program

In partnership with eLearningCurve, we offer flexible solutions to meet the data literacy education and certification needs of various organizations. Whether your employees work together in the same location or are globally distributed, you can ensure their understanding of business-critical data literacy topics, and demonstrate your commitment to a high standard of managing, using, and analyzing data. What is data literacy and why is it important? Read our blog

Enterprise customers with 300 or fewer potential students can simply purchase Corporate/Enterprise programs including a fixed number of licenses that they can use to enrol students in DLC certification.

Larger enterprise customers (more than 300 students) can purchase an annual corporate license for the data literacy course material. The license allows you to put the course on your own Learning Management System (with seamless integration of courses and exams) and is renewed annually. Updated materials will be provided every year when the license renews. We can also customize content to address data literacy in the context of your specific business.

eLearningCurve is an online university for Information and Data Management professionals, offering comprehensive online education programs in various information management disciplines.

eLearningCurve is committed to delivering maximum educational value to professionals worldwide. Courses are meticulously designed to combine relevant content from top instructors with a cutting-edge delivery system, ensuring an unparalleled learning experience.

With eLearningCurve, you can take the courses you need, precisely when you need them, from anywhere in the world. The flexible approach allows you to study at your own pace, review materials as often as you like, and assess your knowledge through convenient online exams. This guarantees optimal comprehension and retention of valuable information.

For those seeking enterprise solutions, eLearningCurve Enterprise is the perfect choice. Our flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solution empowers teams and enterprises to receive top-notch, consistent training on time and within budget, regardless of their geographical locations.

eLearningCurve's esteemed faculty comprises sought-after instructors in the field of information management. Benefit from their expertise and knowledge without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

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