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Learn data management with our elearning-based data management courses delivered by leading international experts.

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Diana Mongula, Senior Manager, Data and Analytics, NMB Bank

Are you interested in a career in data management?

With the increasing use of data in modern business and research, there is a growing demand for skilled professionals who can collect, organize, and interpret large amounts of data.  

With over 80 e-learning courses, our Data Management curricula can help you and your team become more data-literate, enabling you to communicate, collaborate, and innovate using data.

Learn how this program of information management courses can empower your organization to make better decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

What is data management?

Data management is the process of collecting, organizing, and delivering data across data management systems, such as applications, databases and analytics environments.

This can include a range of activities, from customer relationship management to data preparation, to data visualization, and is essential for making data accessible and usable for individuals, businesses, and other organizations. Data managers play a crucial role in this process by ensuring that data is well-organized, secure, and easy to access.

Build data literacy with our Data Management Courses

3000+ students and organisations from more than 70 countries trust eLearningCurve's data management courses to further their data management education needs.

eLearningCurve offers a comprehensive online education and certification program in various disciplines of information management, from fundamentals to advanced topics.

eLearningCurve's course authors and instructors are also practitioners. They go beyond theory and academics to enrich the courses with examples, case studies, and storytelling about their experience in the field

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Why learn Data Management Online?

Taking online data management courses can be a great way to develop the critical skills that African data management professionals need, by exposing you and your team to international expertise at an affordable rate.

These include understanding data visualization, database administration, and programming with languages such as R. With this knowledge, data specialists can help organizations build master data management systems, answer business questions in real time, and protect sensitive information.

Online courses can help data professionals refine their knowledge of data analysis, databases, business analytics, relational databases, and other data management skills and principles. Our courses are taught by recognised international experts in their field who share practical tips and experiences wherever possible.

Data Management Course Curriculum

Data management courses can vary widely in their curriculum and level of difficulty.

Some courses are designed for learners of all levels, while others may require a degree or prior experience in data management. Learners pursuing data management jobs may start by completing an undergraduate degree in computer science, data science, or a related field. Coursework in mathematics, statistics, and data science, as well as learning programming languages such as Python, can help support learners on their journey to becoming data managers.

Our courses are largely geared towards working professionals looking to build their data management expertise. Our data literacy program is for any knowledge worker that needs to understand data better,  our CIMP program targets data management specialists, and our Data Analysis programs are focussed on data analytics. Courses cover everything from the fundamentals to advanced topics.

Our Data Management Curricula

Data Management Courses Online

Whether you're an individual looking to propel your career forward or a corporate group looking to drive your teams' overall data competence, eLearningCurve has the learning solution to fit your needs.

Our catalogue of data management courses can help you become certified in a number of data management disciplines, from an overview to specialisations such as data science, business intelligence and data engineering. We have thousands of satisfied students from over 100 countries worldwide, who report enjoying our interesting and challenging approach to information management classes online.

Online data management courses don't need to be intimidating.

Our instructors are knowledgeable and experienced in their fields.

We'll be with you every step of the way as you gain new knowledge, a new certification, and new confidence via a dynamic information management course.

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