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A best-of-breed approach to the data mesh

One of the key principles of data mesh is domain-driven decentralization, where each domain has its own data products, infrastructure, and teams. Best-of-breed solutions align well with this principle because they enable each domain to choose the most appropriate tools for its specific needs.

Best-of-breed solutions refer to software or tools that excel in a specific area or function. In the context of data mesh, best-of-breed solutions are preferred over all-in-one solutions because they allow for greater flexibility, scalability, and specialization.

For example, a domain focused on data quality may want to use a best-of-breed solution for data profiling and cleansing, while a domain focused on data lineage may prefer a different solution that is better suited for that specific task. Our approach is to work within an ecosystem of best-of-breed data management vendors, each adding unique value and providing a modular capability to plug gaps in existing enterprise capabilities.

Our technology partners understand that, as best-of-breed players, they must design to work well with other tools and services. This design philosophy is especially important in a data mesh architecture where data products and infrastructure are constantly evolving and changing

Finally, as thought leaders, our partners provide expertise and experience in solving the complex problems facing today's enterprises. We are able to leverage the lessons learned in the US, Europe and elsewhere to provide practical solutions in our backyard.

Overall, customers find that best-of-breed solutions are better for data mesh because they promote specialization, flexibility, and scalability while enabling each domain to choose the most appropriate tools for its specific needs.

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