Data360 Analyze datasheetEmpower users to discover and share insights faster with a self-service data analytics solution

Data, we're finding, is a complex asset. The totality of data grows every day – overwhelming even the most sophisticated data user. That data lives in different places across the organization – often invisible to the people who need it. Sometimes what the data says conflicts with what we think we know, calling its trustworthiness into question. And even when a few people can get their hands on the data they need, they never realize the true value of that data simply because it can’t be shared easily with others.

Self-Service Data Prep

Data360 Analyze is a first-of-its-kind solution that integrates self-service data prep with advanced data quality and robust data governance. This gives you the ability to process and transform data and rapidly build data-rich, analytically complex applications, improving productivity and dramatically lowering costs. You can access virtually any data source and easily acquire and cleanse that data in a fraction of the time. Users can create a comprehensive source for analysis without incurring the infrastructure costs and time required by traditional warehouses and ETL. Our approach enables users to visually collaborate as they acquire, prepare and analyze data from disparate sources and deliver these applications to data visualization tools, direct to end users or back to operational systems.

Data360 Analyze automates data blending and cleansing, as native functions allow users to profile, aggregate, correlate and transform selected data. The solution also features collaborative feedback loops between IT and business users to promote cooperation, and fast communication and ensure that any changes don’t derail the entire analysis process. The solution is all about giving users speed and simplicity with the power of advanced analytics, providing a unified toolset for combining and structuring data, creating models and embedding those predictive analytics within any business process.

Data360 delivers pre-packaged tools to collate, clean, transform and analyze raw data into a form that is suitable for analysis, and also offers sets of popular statistical and predictive routines that can eliminate the need for programming, and drastically reduce the time to insights.

Precisely Data360® Analyze empowers users with a fast and agile way for users to gather, combine, cleanse, structure and organize data for analysis to achieve better business insights. Users can rapidly build data-rich and analytically complex applications that improve productivity and lower overall costs.

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