Product Sheet: Data360 Govern

Establish a strong data governance framework to proactively find, understand, and manage your data for better business outcomes based on trusted data

Data360 Govern Product SheetYour organization recognizes the value of data and the need to get it into the hands of business users for maximum impact.

Yet without enterprise data governance, your data might be hard to find, misunderstood and mistrusted. That can lead to increased risk, reduced usage and fewer critical business insights.

Data360 Govern is an enterprise data governance solution that answers critical questions users have about data, such as:

  • Where does the data come from?
  • What does the data mean?
  • Who owns the data?
  • How does the data impact our business?
  • Can I trust it?

Data360 Govern offers a true 360-Degree View of Enterprise Data giving you any data-driven organisation an unparalleled advantage.

Why do customers love Data360 Govern?

 Benefits according to our customers:

  • Enterprise-wide governance: Enables strategic, operational and tactical teams to find, understand, and use trusted data
  • Measurable value:  Designed with business users in mind, with an intuitive interface and self-service options. Users can associate data assets with business goals, objectives and metrics
  • 3D Data Lineage: Visually connects data, people, and processes to deliver untapped value to the organization
  • Easily configured and flexible metamodel, dashboards and workflow: Easily configures business and technical assets and includes any associated attributes within the user-friendly interface
  • Flexible choices for metadata ingestion: Includes native capabilities, customized connectors and build-your-own options

Data360® Govern empowers business users and encourages data transparency by eliminating the problems caused by mismanaged or misunderstood data.

Learn how Data360 Govern delivers a business-friendly perspective of your organization’s data landscape by downloading the data sheet.

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