Datasheet: Infogix Data360 Govern

Infogix Data360 Govern

Infogix’s data governance and catalog solutions give teams powerful tools that make it easy to consume data across the enterprise. Our flexible and configurable solution puts value first — ensuring that your data governance and metadata management efforts taregt measurable business outcomes.

Business outcomes drive the day to day operations of the Data Governance program.

As  important as data is today, it is only valuable to business if it can be used to drive improved business outcomes.

This requires collaboration between business and IT.

Using Data360 Govern business stakeholders can identify key business goals, metrics and objectives and align these to data terms and assets.

IT stakeholders are then able to prioritise relevant technical assists - cataloging systems, attributes and data flows that are directly required to meet these business goals and objectives.

Data360 Govern simplifies data stewardship by automating key data management processes, involving the right people to add context to each asset, with a full history of the decision making process.

Simple, consistent interfaces ensure that both business and IT stakeholders can quickly and easily find and analyse the data assets that are relevant to their job, quickly understand the potential impact of desired changes, and make informed decisions.

The platform delivers a fully integrated view of your data environment, including workflow capabilities to assign work items to the corporate and business data stewards. This includes capturing data quality scores and metrics and harvesting technical metadata and business lineage without coding, using simple drag and drop functionality.

Data360 Govern helps to drive a business-friendly data governance program where business users can derive deep insights for immediate decisions.

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