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Data360 Govern is Precisely's business-first data catalog and enterprise data governance platform. The flexible and configurable solution puts value first — ensuring that your data governance and metadata management efforts target measurable business outcomes.

"Precisely has a unique capability to relate individual data elements to business process models and estimate the business value of data elements in monetary terms" - Stewart Bond, Research Director, IDC

Key Capabilities of the Data Governance Platform

As important as data is today, it is only valuable to any business if it can be used to drive improved business outcomes. Data360 Govern delivers business-first data governance.

Enabling collaboration between Business and IT.

Using Data360 Govern business stakeholders can identify key business goalsmetrics and objectives and align these to data terms and assets.

IT stakeholders are then able to prioritise relevant technical assists - cataloguing systemsattributes and data flows that are directly required to meet these business goals and objectives.

Data360 Govern simplifies data stewardship by automating key data management processes, involving the right people to add context to each asset, with a full history of the decision-making process.

Simple, consistent interfaces ensure that both business and IT stakeholders can quickly and easily find and analyse the data assets that are relevant to their job, quickly understand the potential impact of desired changes, and make informed decisions.

The platform delivers a fully integrated view of your data environment, including workflow capabilities to assign work items to the corporate and business data stewards. This includes capturing data quality scores and metrics and harvesting technical metadata and business lineage without coding, using simple drag-and-drop functionality.

Data360 Govern helps to drive a business-friendly data governance program where business users can derive deep insights for immediate decisions.

Operating Model

Customise your data governance operating model and processes for reporting issues, questions or approvals.

Objectives and value

Connect governance efforts and data value to business objectives, goals, and metrics

Policy Management

Document regulations, policies and standards and their relationships to data

Business Glossary

Crowdsource business definitions and context for your data for a complete understanding and move from a simple business glossary to data authority

Reference Data List

Crowdsource and share reference data sets.

Technical Metadata and Catalog

Harvest technical metadata and lineage and allow business and technical metadata to be searchable.

Read our blog post, Business glossary and data dictionary: Pieces of the same puzzle to understand the difference and why both are important

Data Profiling

Obtain and present general statistics to learn more about each field

Data Detection and Tagging

Utilise AI techniques to automatically tag personal or other data into specific categories.


Provide ownership and accountability for data assets via roles and responsibilities. Manage access to data through automated approval processes

Metrics and Scoring

Measure how data is being used to predict business results against a goal or objective in real-time, and get real-time insights into how data is being used to support business processes, compliance events, reports, and metrics

data governance platform

  • Get up and running quickly with a customised operating model

  • Use semantic search capabilities to make finding and accessing the right data blazingly fast

  • Easily automate governance and stewardship tasks, define ownership structures, and establish workflows to involve the right people in data decision making

  • Deliver instant access to the right data through mobile access and capabilities

  • Collaborate with data stakeholders to build and maintain context around your data

  • Use interactive data lineage diagrams to visually explore everything about the data, including business terms, policies, issues, relationships, and direction

  • Establish a data help desk to identify and resolve data issues quickly–building confidence in your data sources

  • Link to data sources, business applications, data lakes, and metadata with code-free integration templates

  • Create a catalogue of data so you know what you have, what it means, where you find it, and who you can call about it

John Taylor, Lead Architect & Data Tooling Manager for Experian shares how he leveraged the flexibility and business-first focus of the Data360 Govern enterprise data governance platform to allow data users from business and technical teams to collaborate for better customer outcomes in this short video #customerfirst

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