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Compliance with data privacy regulations

The processing of personal data can occur throughout an organisation’s enterprise, taking many forms and serving many functions on a daily basis. With South Africa's Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPIA), Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and  California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) companies preparing for compliance are faced not with a one-off project, but with the larger challenge of formulating a long-term strategy that requires consensus building and cooperation across their entire organisation. In many ways, the full impact of data privacy is yet unknown to companies, as data process owners and other stakeholders determine the location of personal data throughout the data supply chain, identify what processing is subject to privacy requirements, and continue to assess the alterations and approvals that may be required to make that processing compliant.  And beyond this knowledge-gathering, few organisations have an efficient, standardised, user-friendly method to document compliance-related activities and make them transparent to internal and external audits— particularly on an ongoing basis.

Privacy compliance requires the implementation of an organisation-wide data governance program, reliant upon both collaboration and shared accountability. The structure of governance programs can widely vary, but when viewed from a single-process perspective, compliance requires several considerations and contributions from many different competency areas. Chief among these is the process owner, who must define the processing principles. Supporting competencies include application owners, vendor management, compliance officers, etc.—all of whom must provide input and approvals for varying regulatory provisions. The challenge of achieving compliance on an initial and ongoing basis is a multi-faceted and shared undertaking, further complicated by the organisation's limited visibility and data monitoring capabilities.

How Data360 helps you achieve compliance

We believe that data governance alone solves many privacy challenges, but does it address two other crucial concerns— are we monitoring the quality of the personal data and are we sure we have identified the locations of all the personal data?

This is why validating data quality, then reporting metrics to data governance along with utilising analytics with machine learning capabilities to identify personal data adds considerable value to what is possible to view and explore with a data governance tool. Data governance is the hub to solve privacy challenges and Precisely is uniquely positioned with Data360—an enterprise solution platform that enables better control over data and solves business-impacting challenges like PoPIA and  GDPR.

Precisely Data360 is built on a foundation of governance, with a framework of data quality and analytics to drive insights, process improvement and data value. The seamless integration synthesises the critical data management features of data preparation, case management workflow, visualisation and collaboration.

Read more about how companies must develop a broad data privacy compliance strategy through data governance and privacy data detection analytics to comply with data protection regulations like PoPIA and GDPR.

PoPIA in the data lifecycle


Leverage Masterdata's PoPIA Accelerator

Accelerate PoPIA compliance with Data360 and Master Data Management

Attempting to deliver each of the 8 tenets of PoPIA, across every stage of the data life cycle, and for every system that holds personal data may seem overwhelming.

Our PoPIA accelerator helps you to deliver PoPIA quickly by providing the Policy Frameworks, Principles, Glossaries and more to place PoPIA in the context of your data landscape, ensure Accountability, and accelerate compliance.

We provide an operating model that extends data catalogues, like Data360 Govern or Collibra, to ensure that key assets required by GDPR and PoPIA are delivered promptly.


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