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Accelerate PoPIA compliance with best practices learned from GDPR implementations. Extend enterprise data catalogs for PoPI Act compliance.

A Framework to accelerate PoPIA compliance

A prebuilt operating model for PoPIA compliance

South Africa's Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPIA) protects parties (both natural and legal persons) from the unauthorised use of personal data.

Similar in many ways to Europe's Global Data Protection Regulation, PoPIA recognises that personal data is the property of the data subject and restricts how that data may be used by companies holding it.

At its core, PoPIA requires that companies plan for privacy by design - ensuring that data management policies and practices are in place to ensure compliance. 

PoPIA in the data lifecycle

accelerate PoPIA Compliance

What is a PoPIA accelerator?

Attempting to deliver each of the 8 tenets, across every stage of the data life cycle, and for every system that holds personal data may seem overwhelming.

Our PoPI accelerator helps you to deliver PoPIA quickly by providing the Policy Frameworks, Principles, Glossaries and more to place the PoPI Act in the context of your data landscape, ensure Accountability, and accelerate compliance.

We provide an operating model that extends data catalogues, like Data360 Govern or Collibra, to ensure that key assets required by GDPR and PoPIA are delivered promptly.

Disclaimer: Our accelerator does not guarantee compliance and should be adapted to your requirements.

Using the framework to accelerate PoPIA compliance

Our approach facilitates a top-down and iterative approach to compliance - allowing you to start with priority (high-risk) ecosystems and achieve quick wins e.g.

  • linking critical business processes and processing limitations;
  • then relating critical systems to the above,
  • then relating critical data elements to these systems, etc.

Core to Data Governance are the concepts of Accountability and Documentation - ensuring these fundamental principles are delivered from day one.

One can solve smaller, high-priority problems one at a time whilst always building the total picture.

Want to learn more about Data Privacy and Protection Fundamentals Course released by eLearning Curve?

Check out the online course offered as part of our Certified Data Steward accreditation.

Leveraging GDPR for the PoPI Accelerator

Our approach has been proven in the delivery of GDPR compliance in Europe and elsewhere.

The similarities between PoPIA and GDPR mean that South African companies can also leverage previous GDPR capabilities - for example, to manage a data breach - to accelerate PoPIA compliance with both the local (South African) and international regulations

The data catalogue is the foundation to Accelerate PoPIA compliance

Leveraging our enterprise data catalogue to accelerate your data privacy program will deliver value beyond your data privacy program.

It will provide you with a picture of how your data affects key business processes and impacts your customer's experience - insights you can use to improve your business effectiveness and agility.

In the long term, an informed, empowered, data-driven consumer is great for your business. The more your customers are invested in their own data, the better resource they can be as you seek to understand their preferences and build experiences and products accordingly.

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