Pathlock Cloud Data SheetProtecting sensitive information in this dynamic, decentralized, hybrid-cloud landscape is a data security and compliance nightmare. Enter Pathlock Cloud, your trusted sentinel, ready to deliver the controls and cybersecurity processes your enterprise depends on.

Beyond Cloud Storage, Beyond Traditional Security

Cloud applications offer undeniable convenience, but traditional security solutions often stumble on this ever-shifting terrain. Pathlock Cloud offers a SaaS capability to seamlessly implement critical controls, analytics and workflows to deliver security and compliance mandates across diverse application landscapes.

    • Unifying the Disparate: Whether your data dances amongst public clouds, private instances, or on-premises servers, Pathlock Cloud unites them under its protective umbrella, ensuring consistent, robust access control across your entire digital ecosystem.
    • Granular Guardianship: We aren't content with broad strokes. Pathlock delves into the data domain, controlling access down to the field level. Think pinpointing access to specific data points within records, like shielding passport numbers within employee files while granting access to general HR information.
    • Real-Time Vigilance: No second is left unguarded. Pathlock Cloud monitors user activity like a hawk, analyzing every data access event in real time, even within authorized boundaries. Anomalies trigger instant alerts, preventing potential misuse before it takes flight.
    • Contextual Insights: Pathlock Cloud doesn't just see actions, it interprets them. Timestamps, accessed fields, and access reasons weave a narrative, empowering administrators to assess risks and investigate anomalies with unparalleled clarity.

Soaring Benefits Beyond Security

Pathlock Cloud's impact transcends mere data protection, boosting your organization in diverse ways:

    • Compliance Confidence: Breathe easy knowing Pathlock helps you navigate the labyrinthine corridors of data privacy regulations like PoPIA, GDPR and CCPA with comprehensive audit trails and robust access control.
    • Efficiency Unleashed: Streamlined access management processes and automated responses minimize friction and administrative burden, freeing your team to focus on innovation and growth.
    • Cost Optimization: Cloud-based deployment eliminates the need for costly hardware and software investments, reducing infrastructure expenses and maximizing ROI.
    • Scalability Unbound: As your data and business soar, Pathlock Cloud seamlessly adapts, accommodating your growth without compromising security.

Embrace the Cloud, Embrace Pathlock Cloud

The cloud's potential is undeniable, but navigating its security complexities can be daunting. Pathlock Cloud extends a helping hand, guiding you across the digital tightrope with confidence and agility. Its comprehensive control, real-time vigilance, and holistic benefits empower you to unleash the cloud's true potential while safeguarding your most valuable asset – your data.

Don't let data security fears clip your wings. Embrace cloud applications, embrace Pathlock Cloud, and soar towards a future of limitless innovation, unburdened by security anxieties.

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