Data Protection requires teamwork


Data Governance is the foundation of data protection

Chief Data Officers know that without data governance corporations are vulnerable.

PoPIA is built upon a foundation of sound data governance.

Privacy regulations are about much more than security

We need to apply data protection principles, as defined by PoPIA and other privacy regulations, throughout the data life cycle.

This means:

  • Defining clear accountability for personal data at every level of your business
  • Understanding the legal uses of personal data, both at the point of capture and as it moves through your data landscape
  • Ensuring data integrity and quality
  • Managing data security and access, according to the legal uses of data in your business
  • Engaging the data subject through data transparency

PoPIA in the data life cycle

PoPIA in the Data Life Cycle

Our enterprise-wide data catalogue ensures ownership and policies for the use of personal data; documents and classifies personal data across your enterprise, and automates key business processes to ensure that

  • that the right people are provided with the right information,
  • at the right time,

to deal with any potential breach of data privacy regulations such as

  • the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and
  • South Africa's Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPIA), and
  • Nigeria's Data Protection Regulation (DPR)

in a consistent and regulated way that is driven by your company's policies and legal opinion.

Our data privacy platform delivers granular, policy-driven data security and monitoring based on roles, geographies and data classification and purpose.

Dynamic Access Management simplifies compliance

Dynamic Access Management simplifies compliance

Data privacy regulations such as the Protection of Personal Information Act should not stop companies from delivering self-service analytics and leveraging new, cloud-based analytics platforms.

The Okera platform tackles the hardest issues behind data access and governance across hybrid and multi-cloud environments—giving you the ability to explore your data’s potential like never before.

The platform enables self-service data analytics with responsible data access so that everyone can benefit from the potential of data in the enterprise., without compromising sensitive data.

Govern and track personal data

Our PoPIA accelerator delivers the core capabilities organisations need to govern sensitive information:

  • Clearly defined and automated processes for accountability for personal data, and to deal with specific crises such as a data breach
  • A centralised and searchable inventory of sensitive data items across the enterprise - both business and technical
  • The ability to quickly assess the impact of any proposed system or policy changes on your ability to comply with regulations
  • Detailed data-sharing agreements governing the use and distribution of sensitive data both internally and externally
  • A data protection dashboard that provides a single view where users can access project updates, manage issues, find answers to questions, and launch workflows.

Learn more by downloading the Data360 for Privacy Compliance datasheet

This page is intended for general informational and educational purposes. It is not offered as and do not constitute legal advice or legal opinions. Use of any product or solution does not provide or ensure any legal or other compliance certification and does not ensure that the user will be in compliance with any laws, including PoPIA or any other privacy laws.

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