Data Governance for Data Privacy

Privacy regulations are about much more than security

Protection of Personal Information across the information lifecycle

PoPIA  information lifecycle

PoPIA is built upon a foundation of sound data governance.

This means:

  • Defining clear accountability for personal data at every level of your business
  • Understanding the legal uses of personal data, both at point of capture and as it moves through your data landscape
  • Ensuring data integrity and quality
  • Managing data security and access, according to the legal uses of data in your business
  • Engaging the data subject through data transparency

PoPIA Accelerator

Fast track compliance with prebuilt operating model

PoPIA accelerator

Analyst Report

Data privacy, security and data-related compliance

Analyst report: data privacy, data security and related compliance


Data360 for Privacy

Data360 for Privacy

Data Privacy

Our holistic approach to data privacy

data privacy solutions

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