Separate the policy from the platform


Organizations juggle data and applications across a diverse ecosystem of on-premise servers, cloud platforms, and SaaS solutions. This hybrid environment presents a data security challenge: How do you ensure consistent, robust access governance across such a fragmented realm? Pathlock transcends platform boundaries, seamlessly extending access control to secure sensitive data, no matter where it resides.

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Unifying the Disparate: One Platform, Multitude of Environments

Pathlock rises above limitations, offering a unified platform that effortlessly manages access across your entire IT ecosystem, be it traditional on-premise systems, public or private cloud environments, or a plethora of SaaS applications. Imagine this:

    • Granular control, wherever the data lives: Whether it's customer records on your servers or financial data in a cloud-based CRM, Pathlock grants you granular control, down to the field level, ensuring only authorized users access specific data points.
    • Real-time visibility, across all platforms: Pathlock sheds light on user activity across your entire IT ecosystem, not just within individual silos. Monitor access events, detect anomalies, and gain comprehensive insights, regardless of the platform hosting the data.
    • Consistent policies, seamless enforcement: Define centralized access policies and apply them uniformly across on-premise and cloud environments. Pathlock ensures consistent rules govern user access, eliminating discrepancies and vulnerabilities.

Bridging the Gap, Streamlining Security:

pathlock connectorsPathlock doesn't just unify; it streamlines security across platforms:

    • Single sign-on convenience: Eliminate the need for multiple logins across different platforms. Pathlock's single sign-on feature provides seamless access, boosting user experience and simplifying security management.
    • Automated provisioning and deprovisioning: Streamline user access across all platforms by automating user provisioning and deprovisioning based on role changes or employment status. Say goodbye to manual configuration headaches.
    • Centralized audit trails and reporting: Gain a holistic view of user activity across your entire IT ecosystem with centralized audit trails and comprehensive reports. Analyze trends, identify potential risks, and demonstrate compliance with ease.

Beyond Technical Prowess: Real-World Benefits for Organizations:

The advantages of Pathlock's cross-platform reach extend far beyond the technical sphere, offering:

    • Reduced complexity, simplified management: Manage access governance from a single platform, eliminating the need for juggling tools and policies across different environments.
    • Enhanced security posture: By unifying access control and applying consistent policies across all platforms, Pathlock strengthens your overall security posture, minimizing vulnerabilities and risks.
    • Improved compliance with regulations: Demonstrate compliance with data privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA by ensuring comprehensive audit trails and granular control over data access, regardless of platform location.
    • Increased efficiency and productivity: Streamlined access management processes and a single point of control for users translate to reduced friction and improved efficiency across your entire IT ecosystem.

A Deep Dive into Pathlock's Connectors and Integrations

In today's interconnected world, no security solution stands alone. As a leader in access control and security, Pathlock recognizes this reality and empowers its users through a robust network of connectors and integrations. These seamless bridges enable Pathlock to communicate effectively with a diverse array of systems, extending its reach and amplifying its effectiveness.

Unveiling the Connectivity Landscape: A Spectrum of Possibilities

Pathlock's connectors and integrations span a broad spectrum, catering to diverse needs and unlocking a multitude of benefits:

Unlocking Enhanced Security and Functionality

Pathlock's connectors and integrations aren't merely technical bridges; they unlock a treasure trove of benefits for organizations:

    • Centralized Visibility and Control:  Gain a holistic view of access control across disparate systems, streamlining policy management and enforcement.
    • Automated Tasks and Workflows:  Reduce manual effort and human error by automating access provisioning, privilege reviews, and other security-related processes.
    • Seamless Compliance:  Demonstrate compliance with regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and SOX by automating evidence collection and reporting.
    • Accelerating Threat Detection and Response: Improve security posture by integrating access control data with threat intelligence and incident response systems.
    • Enriched Data and Insights: Combine access control data with other security and business data for comprehensive risk analysis and decision-making.

Building a Secure, Integrated Ecosystem

Pathlock's commitment to connectivity is unwavering. They are constantly expanding their network of connectors and integrations, empowering organizations to build secure, integrated ecosystems that protect sensitive data and enable responsible access.

Explore Pathlock's connectors:

In conclusion, Pathlock's ability to weave its security blanket across on-premise and cloud platforms marks a transformative shift in access governance. No longer limited by platform boundaries, Pathlock empowers organizations to safeguard their sensitive data wherever it resides, creating a truly unified and robust security posture for today's hybrid IT landscape. In a world where data integrity transcends physical locations, embracing solutions like Pathlock is not just about securing access; it's about establishing a comprehensive security culture that protects your organization's most valuable assets, regardless of their digital address.

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