Precisely Connect

Real-time data replication and change data capture software

To realise the full value of your organisation’s application data to drive actionable insights, it has to be delivered wherever the business needs it, whenever it’s needed. In today’s fast-paced economy, that increasingly means delivering data across your enterprise in real time.

Connect replicates application data across relational databases, streaming frameworks, and the cloud all while offering high performance, resilience, fault-tolerance and guaranteed data delivery.

Make an impact on your business, not your systems

Organisations around the world rely on Connect to support a variety of use cases, including:

  • Streaming application data from traditional systems – including complex mainframe data – to real-time business applications and analytics platforms such as Snowflake
  • Real-time replication capabilities for Db2/z, IMS, and VSAM – no matter the source or target
  • Supporting hybrid cloud deployments
  • Keeping enterprise data lakes fresh
  • Keeping databases in sync for reporting, analytics and data warehousing
  • Modernising, re-platforming or consolidating databases

While your business will notice the impact of Connect, your systems will not. Connect employs log-based change data capture so your database performance is preserved. By moving only changed data, your network bandwidth is also conserved.

Data delivery with confidence

Complex IT environments, including hybrid cloud architectures, have many potential points of failure that can put your business at risk, such as network or server outages. If these situations occur, Connect automatically recovers without any manual intervention or re-synchronisation, so your business keeps running without interruption. It is the only software in the market that keeps track of exactly where the data transfer left off and automatically starts at that point, with zero data loss and no duplicate data.

In addition, Connect's robust replication capabilities automatically monitor for collisions, resolve conflicts to ensure data integrity, and maintain an audit trail.

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