Are you struggling with data?

Have you failed a data audit?

Are you implementing a new system?

Is your data appropriate to deliver the required reports?

How will you address known (and unknown) data quality issues?

How will the Protection of Personal Information (PoPIA) impact your business?

How does your data support your requirements to comply with regulations and legislation such as FATCA, PoPIA, the Solvency and Assessment Management regime, and many more? Where is your data held, and what changes do you need to make in order to be compliant?

Does your data comply with data policies and standards?

Can you identify where data does not comply with required business standards, and track improvements over time?

If you have concerns in these areas then contact Master Data Management to understand how we use market-leading technology solutions supported by experienced consultants, to rapidly assess the fitness of your environment to meet your specific business needs. 



Improve Data Migration with Automated Data Profiling

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Stop relying on assumptions about your data quality

Each assessment is tailored to your specific business drivers and can be delivered much more quickly, and more accurately than manual/SQL approaches.

Actual measures of data quality issues (known and previously unknown) will be exposed to your business and technical stakeholders to allow you to accurately identify the scope and risk of any remediation effort.

Deliverables typically include

  • Review of key business objective and relevance of approach in this regard. 

  • Various assessment reports and recommendations (sample exec summary below)

  • Roadmap/plan for delivery
Data Quality Audit example dashboard

Reuse your investment

The last thing you need is to invest millions in new systems only to find that the data quality issues that plagued you previously have resurfaced within months of your go-live date.

Our approach allows new systems to reuse business processes and validations built to migrate data, ensuring you get the business returns you expect from your system.

Case Study

Case Study

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Improving data migrations with automated data profiling

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Automated data profiling and discovery


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