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Customer data quality improves customer relationships, sales, and support to improve customer experience and loyalty. Masterdata understands how to implement data quality solutions that manage the complexities of African data to ensure optimal customer data across your landscape.

Customer Data Quality: The Backbone of your Customer processes

Clean and accurate customer information is the backbone of many of your most critical customer information systems. Digital transformation and the shift to omnichannel marketing strategies mean that opportunities to engage with and service customers depend on data. We specialise in ensuring unique, accurate and valid customer data across systems and business processes.

You need highly accurate, timely and valid data to power your decision-making applications and improve customer relationships. Poor customer data quality, on the other hand, means missed opportunities, unhappy customers, and wasted costs.

Combine the industry's leading data quality methodology and software for cleansing, improving and linking customer data to drive more successful marketing, sales and customer support initiatives.  

  • Increased Sales performance
  • Boost Customer Satisfaction
  • Improve Marketing Effectiveness

Why is Customer Data of Poor Quality

Customer data quality

Customer data quality suffers for several reasons.

Firstly, incomplete data collection processes may result in missing or inaccurate information about customers. Secondly, data may become outdated over time if not regularly updated or maintained. Lastly, inconsistent data entry practices across different systems or departments can lead to discrepancies and errors in customer records. Addressing these issues is crucial for ensuring the reliability and usefulness of customer data. Explore more about the reasons why customer data is often of poor quality.

Importance of Customer Data Quality in Customer Engagement

The impact of poor quality customer data extends beyond financial losses and can result in various negative consequences, including lost opportunities, reputational damage, billing errors, frustrated customers, and even regulatory noncompliance 

Data integrity plays a vital role in fostering meaningful engagement with customers. Maintaining accurate and reliable data ensures trust and credibility in business interactions.

When data integrity is compromised, it can lead to misunderstandings, errors, and mistrust. Therefore, organizations must prioritize data integrity as a foundational aspect of their engagement strategies.

Omnichannel assumes Customer Data Quality

Omnichannel conversations refer to seamless interactions across multiple channels, providing customers with a unified and consistent experience.

In today's digital landscape, customers expect businesses to engage with them effortlessly across various touchpoints, including social media, email, and phone calls. Without customer data quality organisations cannot easily embrace omnichannel communication strategies that enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. Discover more about creating conversions through omnichannel conversations.

Speed up your comprehension of evolving data and marketing tools for improved omnichannel marketing initiatives with the TDWI checklist report.

omnichannel and single view

How Can Marketing Extract Value from Big Data

Big data presents vast opportunities for marketing to extract valuable insights and improve targeting strategies.

By analyzing quality customer data from diverse sources, marketers can gain a deeper understanding of customer behaviour, preferences, and trends. Leveraging advanced analytics techniques allows marketers to personalize marketing campaigns, optimize resource allocation, and drive better business outcomes. 

One industry that is transforming at pace is retail. Get this Forbes report on the opportunities for retailers to extract insights from customer data

Extracting insights from customer data

Business Drivers for Quality Address Data

Quality address data serves as a critical asset for businesses across various industries.

Accurate and up-to-date address information enables effective communication, logistics management, and customer service. Moreover, quality address data enhances marketing efforts by ensuring targeted outreach and reducing wastage. Understanding the business drivers behind quality address data is essential for organizations seeking to leverage data effectively.

The Value of Quality Address Data

Quality address data holds immense value for businesses across various sectors, and improves customer data quality.

Accurate and up-to-date address information facilitates smooth communication, efficient logistics management, and targeted customer service. It enables precise targeting of a target audience, reducing the likelihood of misdeliveries or failed communications.

Moreover, quality address data enhances marketing efforts by enabling targeted outreach and personalized messaging, improving conversion rates and customer satisfaction. Additionally, reliable address data enhances data analytics initiatives, providing insights into geographic trends, market segmentation, and customer demographics. 

Dealing with Complex South African name and address data

Leverage our 10 years of experience with hundreds of millions of South African name and address records to cut years of development from your name and address data  projects.

Our unique business rules include:

  • Automated correction of thousands of spelling variations and errors for place names to improve customer data quality

  • Data enrichment with postcode and geocode for valid postal addresses (box and street address types)

  • Numerous business types and phrases standardised to English variation

  • Elementisation of unstructured name and address e..g House Number, Street Name, Street Type to create structured addresses

  • Geocodes (longitude and latitude points) for over 9 million South African street addresses and hundreds of other countries

  • Standardises and matches English and Afrikaans address types of the shelf

  • Comprehensive householding and individual match rules 

Example data


Original Name

Address Line 1

Address Line 2


ABC Apteek (Edms) Bpk

ATKV Gebou 15delaan 42 Magaliesig



ABC Pharmacy (pty) Ltd

42 Fifteenth Avenue


After processing, we generate new, improved data


Business Name


House #

Street Name


Post Code

Matched Key


ABC Pharmacy

ATKV Building



Magalies View




ABC Pharmacy




Magalies View



Customer-Centric Business

Building a customer-centric business starts with accurate customer data.

Ensuring customer data quality enables organizations to align their products, services, and processes with customer needs and preferences. A customer-centric approach fosters loyalty, drives satisfaction, and enhances overall business performance. 

Data-Driven Customer Centricity at DNB

Aidan Millar, Chief Data Officer at DNB, discusses the bank’s transition to digital services and the importance of leveraging data to reconnect with customers as a trusted data custodian. DNB Bank relies on Precisely’s Trillium Quality for its customer data quality.

Data-Driven Customer Centricty

"Everyone talks about going digital, but if you’re not capitalising on data streams that are generated through your digital channels, then you’re going digital without listening. My role is to leverage digital interaction data to reconnect and stay relevant to our customers on digital channels."

Aidan Millar, CDO, DNB Bank

Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation involves dividing a customer base into distinct groups based on shared characteristics or behaviours.

Customer data quality plays a pivotal role in the effectiveness of customer segmentation strategies. Accurate and comprehensive data ensures that segments are meaningful and actionable, enabling personalized marketing and tailored customer experiences.

Customer Experience

Delivering exceptional customer experiences hinges on customer data quality.

High-quality data enables businesses to understand customer needs, preferences, and pain points accurately. By leveraging data-driven insights, organizations can tailor their products, services, and interactions to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Customer Loyalty Insights

Customer data quality is a key determinant of customer loyalty. Clean and reliable customer data enables businesses to build and maintain strong customer relationships.

Gaining actionable insights into customer loyalty requires clean and accurate data. Quality data enables businesses to analyze customer behaviour, identify trends, and uncover opportunities for engagement and retention. Leverage loyalty insights derived from reliable customer data to refine marketing strategies and exceed customer expectations

Emotional Influence on Customer Decision-Making

Decision-making is influenced not only by facts and figures but also by emotional factors.

 We explore the relationship between data and emotion and how both must be considered to influence customer decisions, using the analogy of a dating site.

Drive Adoption of CRM platforms through Customer Data Quality

Poor customer data quality may not sound like a problem, but studies show that 70% of all CRM data becomes obsolete, inaccurate or irrelevant on an annual basis. Bad data has been estimated to waste 550 labour hours for each salesperson working in your CRM, costing you hundreds of thousands per year.

Drive adoption of your CRM platform through enhancing customer data quality: Salesforce®, Microsoft Dynamics® and SAP® to provide access to accurate customer data you can trust

  • Correct data quality as new records are being captured through the front end
    • Seamlessly validate and enrich addresses in more than 250 countries (using both postal and non-postal data sources and geocodes)
    • Achieve instant awareness of address deliverability, email validation, phone standardization and phone append
  • Identify and merge duplicate accounts, contact and leads

Customer Data Quality: Validation and Enrichment

Through Precisely's location intelligence offering, we reduce errors at the point of capture. Through the enrich offering we add value with curated data sets including location data, demographics and points of interest. 

  • High-performance typeahead APIs for address validation and efficiency
  • Telephone and email validation

This helps to ensure that your customer data is complete, accurate and actionable and helps to boost your customer outreach

See how one of the UK's leading retailers interprets customer data for estimating store performance and acquiring a better understanding of their catchment areas and general customer shopping behaviour.

A brief introduction to geocoding using the Precisely API

Data silos remain a significant hurdle to understanding customers. Spectrum Customer 360 uncovers hidden relationships between customers, products, channels and more.

Of course, customers are only one aspect of making a sale.  Ensure quality product data to make it easier for customers to find what they need, and for salespeople to price correctly.

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