Customer Success: How DNB Drives Data Quality using Precisely Tools

Aidan Millar, Chief Data Officer at DNB, discusses the bank’s transition to digital services and the importance of leveraging data to reconnect with customers as a trusted data custodian. DNB Bank relies on Precisely’s Trillium Quality for their data quality.

data driven customer centricityDNB is Norway’s leading financial services provider – not just in regards to size, but also with its progressive digital transformation program; with over 2.1mn retail customers and 221,000 corporate customers. DNB reduced the number of branch offices in Norway from 116 to 57 in 2017, driven by changes in customer preferences.

The success of the channel shift is remarkable. In a Finalta benchmark analysis of the international banking sector, DNB was ranked number one in the world based on the efficiency of its branch network. Digitalization has brought explosive growth in data, bringing new challenges and opportunities to the business.

For DNB the imperative is, and will always be, to stay relevant to customers in their daily digital lives. “Our customers are talking to us every second of the day on digital channels, and we have to have the ability to listen and respond effectively to their needs,” says Aidan Millar, Chief Data Officer at DNB.

This is the challenge of digitalization that he believes is too often overlooked. “Everyone talks about going digital, but if you’re not capitalising on data streams that are generated through your digital channels, then you’re going digital without listening. My role is to leverage digital interaction data to reconnect and stay relevant to our customers on digital channels.”

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