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Data integration, to put it simply, is the process of sharing data between data silos. This is because it is common for data to exist in silos - that is in separate systems focused on individual business functions.

Data Integration - Easily and reliably connect your data

Integration may be used to share data between siloed systems to support interdepartmental business processes, or, to consolidate data into an internal data warehouse or cloud analytics platform for reporting and analysis.

Different Applications for Data Integration

Through our partners, we support a variety of different connectivity scenarios. These include:

Mainframe access and integration

Access to mainframe data is critical for big enterprises that want to optimise their analytics stack.

Data IntegrationFor most organisations, legacy data integration success is highly dependent on specialised professionals who understand legacy data, including data from mainframes and IBM i systems. However, these skills are in short supply. Integration solutions that simplify mainframe data access through an intuitive interface help to set you up for success with your available resources.

Precisely offers high-performance solutions built on its Connect product to directly access, understand, and transform complex mainframe data. Connect ensures that mainframe data reaches your platform of choice for advanced analytics, fraud detection, machine learning, and more.

Streaming application data for analytics

Real-time data streams (like Kafka) are an increasingly popular choice for moving data to data lakes and analytics platforms.

Yet, complicated IT environments and systems can cause these streams to lose access to critical systems resulting in data gaps.

Precisely ensures robust data streaming, by simplifying connectivity between your legacy data sources and your data stream, and providing robust error management and recovery capabilities to ensure that you never lose data. 

Cloud migration

Cloud migrations can be complicated, having many moving parts, stakeholders, and strategies.

Common challenges can arise, including interoperability of systems, data portability and integrity, and business disruption. Precisely’s data integration solutions can help facilitate cloud migrations by making legacy data sources accessible to cloud environments and providing data lineage.

Connect gives your business the flexibility to deploy data integration when and where you need it. You can visually design data integration workflows once and deploy them anywhere without the need to redesign, rework, or recompile. Connect’s flexible architecture is suited for deployment on public, private, multi-cloud, and hybrid cloud environments.

Real-time database replication / Change data capture

Database replication is critical both to ensure data availability and to ensure that analytics and reporting are reflecting current realities. 

Connect builds real-time data pipelines that replicate data from its source to business applications or analytics solutions that live on other platforms without affecting performance. 

Data Preparation

Data preparation involves the process of cleaning, transforming, and structuring data for analysis.

It is a crucial step in the data pipeline, as raw data is often unstructured, incomplete, or inconsistent. Data preparation tools, like Data360 Analyze, aim to ensure that data is in a usable format, free from errors, and ready for analysis. 

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