Cloud migration is increasingly a requirement for businesses of all sizes. Our article discusses strategies for optimising your cloud migration by planning properly and setting appropriate expectations.

Achieve Seamless Cloud Migrations with Complete Data Lineage

Expedite your cloud migration with Manta's advanced data lineage capabilities.

With complete visibility into your data flow, you can set accurate expectations, adhere to your migration plan, save valuable resources, and eliminate the need for constant debugging.

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Keep Your Data Migrations on Track

don't become a statisitcCloud and hybrid cloud environments play a crucial role in digital transformation, with Gartner research showing that 70% of companies have migrated workloads to the cloud.

However, transitioning your data environment is a complex endeavour.

While organizations recognize the numerous advantages of the cloud, effectively managing cloud computing costs remains an ongoing challenge. Gartner predicts that approximately 60% of infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders will face budget overruns in their on-premises infrastructure due to excessive public cloud expenses.

Moreover, 80% of organizations that opt for a lift-and-shift migration fail to achieve significant cost savings.

Don't become another statistic

By leveraging Manta's automated data lineage platform, you can avoid the common pitfalls and complexities associated with migrations. Save time, money, and resources while ensuring a successful migration.

Key Benefits of Planning Your Migration

Reduce Project Costs by up to 30%:

With Manta's enterprise-wide and catalogue-agnostic data lineage, your migration plan becomes comprehensive, leaving no room for blind spots or uncertainties.

Achieve Better Predictability:

Gain a deep understanding of the impact of your data at each stage of the migration process. By streamlining the analysis phase, you can reduce the time spent by up to 70%.

Seamless Transition:

Manta's data lineage ensures that each object in your migrated system is meticulously mapped and its dependencies clearly documented. Enjoy a seamless transition to your new environment.

How Manta Helps Cloud Migration

From inception to completion, you can depend on Manta to keep your migration project on track. Set yourself up for a quick, successful, and accurate migration by planning ahead and closely monitoring success criteria at every step.

  • Strategy Phase:

 Evaluate your data quality, usage, and dependencies automatically. Validate your migration plan with confidence.

  • Proof of Concept:

 Accurately estimate and map out your workload, set realistic expectations, and establish measurable success criteria.

  • Data & Apps Migration:

Create customized migration plans tailored to individual applications. Ensure a seamless and efficient transition by breaking it down into small steps

  • Cloud Transition & Operation:

 Smooth out the testing, debugging, and validation processes throughout your migration journey. Achieve a successful outcome from start to finish

How automated lineage supports Cloud Migration efforts



What is a good data migration strategy?

There are several data migration strategies to choose from, depending on the size and complexity of the data being migrated, as well as the goals and objectives of the migration. These include big bang, phased, parallel and hybrid migration approaches.

Typically cloud migrations are best served by a phased migration, which breaks the data landscape into smaller chunks - for example,  migrating the sales reporting functions from an enterprise data warehouse before moving to the next function.

Our customers use MANTA to deliver phased migration projects 40% faster with 30% fewer resources.

What are the challenges associated with a phased data migration?

 Achieving a phased data migration involves dividing the system into smaller segments such as reports, tables, and workflows.

However, this approach brings its own set of challenges. How can we migrate one part without causing disruptions to another? Additionally, determining which pieces can be grouped together to minimize external dependencies requires careful consideration.

During a migration project, there's an opportunity to consolidate or eliminate components that are no longer needed, thereby preventing the migration of unnecessary data. However, this process can be complex as it necessitates a comprehensive understanding of all dependencies in the environment before the migration takes place.

How does data lineage help to achieve successful migrations?

.Gartner lists rushed application assessments and dependency bottlenecks as two of the major mistakes made in failed cloud migrations. That's where lineage automation comes in, offering a practical solution to guide you through the process.

MANTA data lineage helps organisations to accurately complete application assessments to identify dependency bottlenecks and accurately plan the migration. The robust lineage automation solution offers you unparalleled insights into your data. It reveals the origins of your data, its utilization, and the transformations it undergoes as it moves between systems. With this knowledge at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions and ensure a seamless migration experience.

By mapping your data inventory using lineage, you gain a comprehensive overview of what needs to be migrated and what can be safely decommissioned. Our customers cite their use of MANTA as helping them to complete phased data migration projects 40% quicker and with 30% fewer resources.

Read how MANTA helped a large insurance company ditch manual tasks and speed up their migration process in our case study

How do I get started with MANTA?

MANTA is designed for rapid implementation and has a low learning curve. Read our Capitec case study to understand how they were able to deploy MANTA quickly and seamlessly across multiple technology environments.

Your data team simply points MANTA's scanners at the various source environments and the automation does the rest - extracting metadata and presenting an end-to-end, visual flow of how data moves through the environment.

Contact us to confirm that your applications are supported and for a demo.

Does MANTA provide lineage in the cloud?

Yes, MANTA provides lineage for multiple cloud platforms including:

  • AWS
  • Fivetran
  • Google Cloud
  • MS Azure
  • Snowflake

For details of supported technologies within each platform please contact us

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