When it comes to successful big data projects, the reality is your business is relying on you to get it right.

The 4 Vs of Big Data Projects

Big data integration ebookTraditionally, three “V’s” have defined big data – volume, velocity, and variety.

  • Volume is the amount of low-density, unstructured data that need to be processed. Depending on the organization, that volume could range from tens of terabytes of data to hundreds of petabytes.
  • Velocity is the rate at which you receive and act on data. Depending on the data type, that could mean ensuring real-time responses to the information.
  • Variety refers to all the different types that make up big data, from structured to semi-structured and unstructured. All these data types need to come together for downstream business use.
  • However, adding to the complexity of big data is a fourth V – Value.

Big data projects must move at business speed

Businesses are increasingly relying on big data success to enable strategic gains. And as a result, the capital and revenue benefits that come from well-managed big data efforts become the more critical piece of defining big data. Precisely research has shown that more than half of organizations rely on the effective use of big data for strategic gains.

You simply need to successfully bring together massive amounts of data in a variety of forms and integrate it all in a cohesive way that enables business users to make real-time decisions. Easy right?

The reality is that successfully tackling big data is one of the hardest parts of IT’s job. Yet the business relies on you to get this done right, even when it can seem impossible to know where to begin. That is why this eBook is here. Its goal is to help guide you through the ins and outs of building successful big data projects on a solid foundation of data integration.

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