The modern business is dependent on data!

Data governance ensures that the right people are involved at every step of the data management process - making decisions, understanding impact, supplying context, prioritising deliveries, and staying informed.

Contact us for support with setting up and rolling out your data governance organisation, training and certifying your data stewards, and options to automate time consuming data stewardship processes. 

Data governance is the system of decision rights and accountabilities for information-related processes.

Data governance is the foundation of data management - changing behaviour to ensure the delivery of trusted and valuable information.

Our approach actively engages the right stakeholders, across business siloes and IT, to share knowledge, minimise unwanted impacts and build trusted data.

Companies that practise active data governance - embedding data stewardship and curatorship activities into business as usual data processes - report significant advantages in their ability to use data effectively

Active Data Governance

Companies that apply data governance principles actively - to prevent data issues before they occur - show measurable advantages over those that wait to fix issues once they have already impacted the business.

Our lean approach to active data governance idenitifies and eleminates waste in existing data manaegment processes - delivering just enough governance to cut costs, reduce risk and produce trusted data for operations and analytics


Lean Data Governance Machine



Data360 platform


Save time and increase accuracy

Data curatorship and stewardship should be as easy as possible.

Deploying a business-friendly data stewardship platform can help to accelerate adoption of data governance, reduce the work load and management overheads, and provide an enterprise knowledge base that will help you to find, understand and trust your data.

Most importantly, automation ensures that the right people are involved in all decision making and changes to data, ensuring that changes are prioritised by the business and that negative impacts are avoided

Analyst Report

Privacy, Security and Data-related Compliance



Why is data lineage essential?


CDS Accreditation

Certify your data stewards


Our Data Governance Framework

A best practise approach to implementing data governance


Data Integrity Solution

Making it easy to connect, validate and enhance your data


Master Data Management Solutions

Delivering trusted, reusable master data


Data transparency

The ability to easily access and work with data


PoPIA Compliance

Governing Data Privacy


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