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MANTA Data Lineage automates your data's story

MANTA data lineage brings intelligence to metadata management by providing an automated solution that helps you drive productivity, gain trust in your data, and accelerate digital transformation

MANTA: Data LIneage Done Right

How MANTA Data Lineage Works

Active Tags by MANTA enhance data privacy and data…

Active Tags by MANTA enhance data privacy and data…

Active Tags by MANTA enhance data privacy and data…

Revolutionary Active Tags Introducing an unparalleled feature designed to streamline your data management: Active Tags from MANTA. These innovative tags are your personalized data privacy and quality assistants, revolutionizing the way you interact with your data pipeline. data pipeline. Unlike anything you've experienced before, Active Tags enable seamless collaboration by allowing you to mark and navigate important data points directly in the lineage diagram. Active Tags enhance efficient navigation Navigate your data pipeline with unparalleled efficiency using MANTA's Active Tags. These customisable, colour-coded attributes serve as your personal data guidance system. Highlight specific information that matters most to you within the context of the data pipeline. Whether it's highlighting data privacy concerns or emphasizing quality issues, MANTA's tags put the spotlight on what's essential. You can integrate data from your preferred privacy and quality tools or define attributes…

Activate Lineage

Activate Lineage

Activate Lineage

Explore Manta's lineage using its native interface and integrate it into your workflows using open and robust APIs. Improve your data quality, data privacy, and data governance processes. Integrate with CI/CD pipelines to boost the productivity of data engineers.

Contextualize Lineage with Semantics

Contextualize Lineage with Semantics

Contextualize Lineage with Semantics

Manta adds semantics to enrich the attribute-level lineage with indirect data dependencies, transformation logic, evolution over time, or external metadata such as profiling information, quality scores, PII labels, and more. All to provide actionable insights and turn data lineage into a powerful asset.

Tailor Lineage to Your Needs

Tailor Lineage to Your Needs

Tailor Lineage to Your Needs

Adjust the lineage to the level of detail for specific use cases. Search through all of the lineage, use intelligent filtering to hide details that are not currently relevant. Create domains and perspectives for specific projects, review historical versions, and get notified and act on changes.

Harvest Lineage

Harvest Lineage

Harvest Lineage

Deploy Manta’s Connectivity module to gather metadata from mission-critical and analytic systems in your hybrid, cloud, or on-premises environment. Use Manta’s automated scanners to crunch all the SQL, ETL, and BI code. Leverage the OpenManta framework with APIs and SDKs to enhance your metadata even for custom-built systems not supported by existing scanners.

MANTA Features and Benefits

Fully Automated

 MANTA Data LineageAchieve full automation with seamlessly integrated data lineage across over 45 common applications, from databases, to ETL tools, to reporting and analytics environments.

Understand the complete movements of data through your environment, from the mainframe to the cloud.

  • 90% faster incident resolution
  • 20-40% increase in development and maintenance process productivity
  • 60% growth in data engineering team productivity
  • 95% decrease in time spent analysing the impact of source system changes

Out-of-the-box scanners

 MANTA is ready to use with most common data sources - including databases, reporting tools, cloud analytics platforms, programming languages and ETL tools. This gives you the agility to deploy quickly and add additional environments with ease.

Additional sources are added regularly, and the OpenMANTA framework allows you to add your own, custom sources.

Accurate Impact Analysis

MANTA allows you to visualise both direct and indirect dataflows to show the full end-to-end data journey 

Complete History

MANTA revisions automatically compare the state of your environment and data flows at various points in time, with visual cues to highlight differences. You can quickly pick up changes that have broken your data pipelines or reports

Detailed Technical Lineage

MANTA data lineage reads your data transformation logic allowing you to easily understand how crucial calculations were derived with the complete data journey including all data transformations. 


Lineage can be overwhelming, MANTA's filters allow you to easily explore, navigate, and tune lineage visualizations to your needs and understanding, no matter how tech-savvy you are. 

You can also categorise assets into specific Perspectives (e.g. Financial data) to provide a focussed view

Connect your Catalog

Leverage MANTA's connectors to add detailed lineage to your catalog, with an off-the-shelf integration

Business Opportunities for MANTA Data Lineage

  • Data GovernanceSpend less time figuring out your data and more time putting it to good use. Leverage MANTA’s automated lineage to build trust in data across your organization and maximize the value of your data governance framework.
  • Data and Cloud Migrations: Having complete data lineage available when migrating to the cloud or a hybrid environment allows companies to set the right expectations, stick to the plan, save a lot of resources, and escape the do-break-debug-redo cycle.
  • Regulatory Reporting and Compliance: Automatically scan and maintain detailed business and technical lineage, with a full history, for your critical data flows and reports
  • DataOps: Automate tedious, repetitive tasks to keep your data pipeline healthy—prevent defects with automated impact analyses, speed up incident resolution, reduce the cycle time of data analytics, and increase the value of analytics.


What is MANTA?

MANTA is a data lineage tool that helps organizations understand how data flows through their systems. It provides automated, end-to-end lineage tracing that can help organizations comply with regulations, ensure data quality, and optimize their data architecture.

What kind of data sources can MANTA connect to?

MANTA has 50+ OOTB scanners for databases, ETL tools, reporting and analysis software, modeling tools, and programming languages. We are constantly adding more native scanners to our list. We’re constantly working to add more functionality out of the box so you can start using MANTA quickly.

You can find a full list of supported scanners here.

How does MANTA capture data lineage?

 MANTA uses advanced metadata analysis techniques to automatically map data flows between different systems and processes. It can also incorporate user input to fill in gaps in the lineage information.

Does MANTA support cloud-based systems?

Yes, MANTA supports a variety of cloud-based systems like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

How Can Data Lineage Help Your Business Intelligence Efforts?

Data lineage shows all the paths data takes through an organization’s environment and what happens to it at every stage, from creation to consumption, mapping dependencies between data entities. This map allows organizations to tame data complexity, remain efficient, and optimize their data for business intelligence efforts. 

Why does my DataOps team need automated data lineage?

When DataOps teams have to manually trace data’s path across complex systems and hundreds of touchpoints, accuracy, and agility are the first casualties. By automating data lineage discovery, DataOps can transmute data chaos into data clarity and deliver a continuous, reliable stream of insights that bring value to the enterprise. 

Why do I need MANTA if I have a data catalogue?

True data lineage platforms, unlike data catalogues, focus on solving one problem - data visibility.

This is the process of scanning, structuring, and visualizing your organization’s data inventories and sources. It allows you to: 

  • Boost your data governance by achieving full compliance and improving data quality
  • Amplify value by eliminating the risk associated with architecture changes
  • Speed up data migrations during mergers, acquisitions, or transitions into the cloud

Although data catalogues are extremely useful, most cannot provide the detailed visualizations that true data lineage generates. However, many catalogues are very good at hiding these deficiencies in their lineage capabilities.

That’s why MANTA have created this guide—to help you evaluate against a data catalogue solution.

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