ultimate guide to data lineage whitepaperThere's much more to data lineage than simply understanding the journey of your data across your systems

Why read the Ultimate Guide to Data Lineage?

The amount of data that companies store and process has skyrocketed over the past few years. Data is becoming more and more complicated and dynamic, and handling it properly and efficiently can sometimes seem impossible. Yes, welcome to the Age of Big Data.

Even though understanding data (where it comes from and how it is linked together) can help companies in many ways, there are still a significant number of enterprises that do not have their data lineage under control.

Break the complexity barrier with proper information management technology, and find out what you should consider before implementing a data lineage solution in your organization in 2023.

In MANTA's Ultimate Guide to Data Lineage, you will learn:

  • What data lineage is
  • Why data lineage is so important
  • The benefits that data lineage provides
  • Different approaches to data lineage
  • Different types of metadata and the roles that they play
  • and much more...

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