Lean Data GovernanceData governance ensures that the right people are involved at every step of the data management process - making decisions, understanding impact, supplying context, prioritising deliveries, and staying informed. Lean data governance applies lean principles to cut wasteful activities and promote efficiencies.

Eliminate Wasteful and Costly Data Management Processes in Your Organization

Businesses that want to get a head start on data initiatives have the temptation to embark on massive programs involving significant resources (both tools and personnel).  information governance doesn't have to be this way.

This lean information governance paper explores the benefits of adopting a lean approach to successfully implement an information governance framework. This approach can help your business eliminate wasteful data governance activity and promote efficiencies.

This paper provides guidance for:

  • Individual business units responsible for data management
  • Managers with responsibility for data and information management processes
  • Businesses that are implementing or have already implemented traditional Lean at an enterprise level
  • Businesses that have no immediate intention of Lean implementation at an enterprise level but need to review their data governance program

Lean Data Governance is a way of thinking, not a checklist approach.

This is not a “scrap and start again” approach, and there is no need for your workforce to be formally trained in Lean.

This approach is designed to help you adopt what you need and adapt as you see fit. We encourage you to start small, address immediate concerns, and then extend and adapt based on lessons learnt. Always remember that data governance is about embedding data-related decision-making into your normal business-as-usual processes.

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This whitepaper was published by Data Quality consultants at Syncsort, now Precisely

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