Datasheet: Data360 Catalog

Infogix Data Catalog

Make your data work for you

Improve decision making by increasing productivity, accuracy and understanding of all available data. Share data without loosing control.

Quickly acquire and manage data.

Use Infogix Data360 to automatically discover, harvest and catalog all accessible data. Translate technical metadata into business information that can be used by anyone.

Automated metadata harvesting:

Quickly crawl, profile, score and manage complex metadata. You’ve then built a single, searchable inventory of data assets for future use.

Artificial intelligence assisted data tagging and categorisation

Use existing rules to automatically identify and tag personal information and other data types, or add your own rules for your unique data sets

Machine-learning search and discovery

Simple and intuitive search for users to quickly find data assets. Eliminate wasted time struggling to access the quality data you need.

Manage access to data sets and reports

Automated workflows route access requests and manage audit trails for access to any data element.

What makes Infogix Catalog so different?

  • Code-free connectors automatically harvest, profile, categorise and catalog accessible data sets
  • Data experts are empowered to find, use, and enrich data assets, for a more immediate business impact
  • Business intelligence analysts are freed from wasteful data wrangling, devoting more of their time to solving real business problems
  • Self-service data users can “shop” for the data they need in the data catalog and find trustworthy data quickly, without loosing control
  • Intuitive visualisations make it easy to understand the context and impact of data 
Datasheet: Data360 Analyze
Case study: Building a data catalog
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