Spectrum hub datasheetOrganisations once valued their customers in terms of their net worth. Now, it's in terms of their networks.

See how customers are connected to other people, places and things

pectrum Context Graph helps identify high-value customers across all your business divisions, so you can market products that will motivate them to buy.

Step up with the next generation of Master Data Management

The Spectrum platform delivers a next-generation approach to MDM, data quality and data integration in a single solution. Incorporate social, spatial and predictive analytics that add context, validate entities and reveal complex relationships. You’ll improve decision making by visualizing customer data as well as customer networks.

Why Spectrum MDM?

  • Flexible, rapid deployment on-premise or in the cloud
  • Powerful, NoSQL approach shares data from back-office, front-office and third-party solutions
  • No predefined schema needed to model complex, hierarchies and many-to-many relationships
  • High-performance queries on complex, connected data uncover hidden relationships and influences
  • Expert advisory, technical and support services

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Download the Spectrum Data Hub datasheet to learn more.

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