Beyond customer 360 ebookExploring Context to Unlock Customer Insights

Organisations need a full Customer 360 view to grow and protect their business

More data is available today than ever before – but most organisations can't capitalise on it to improve their experience with customers. Despite the challenges, organisations need a full Customer 360 view to both grow their business and protect it. There are several reasons for this:

  • Integrating data technology is a major challenge. When critical information isn’t connected and available to decision-makers, you miss important strategic opportunities. An organisation that can’t control its data simply can’t control its business.
  • Change is a constant. It’s not easy to hit a moving target. Place names, street names and people are constantly changing. People get married, divorced, move and change names.
  • With the explosion of social media, people interact with your business across more channels and locations, and some even connect through more than one channel at the same time. Without the right tools, you’ll never gain insights based on the most accurate, precise and up-to-date data.

Digital transformation is a key focus for many organisations. Across all verticals, businesses invest in these solutions to improve their omnichannel experience to drive personalisation both in-store and online – through various touchpoints and optimising their data in their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems. There is typically a need to go further than the single “collect” stage as this data may not necessarily be as actionable or insightful as today’s companies require.

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This eBook explores the power of going beyond the Customer 360 basics (name, address, account numbers, transactions) in order to expand the knowledge of your customer. Discover how to achieve a fully integrated customer view with accurate, enriched and accessible data – when and where you need it.

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