Ensure your data is accurate, valid and complete to deliver the trusted data that fuels customer understanding and engagement

Data validation and standardisation

Extract, normalise, and standardise your data across multiple inputs and formats.

Normalise all your information – including business and individual data, structured and unstructured.

Precisely applies supervised machine learning neural network-based techniques to understand the structure and variations of different types of information and parses data automatically.

Spectrum Quality is ideally suited for global client bases that require multi-level data standardisation and transliteration for multiple languages and culturally specific terms, including those in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Advanced text-processing enables information extraction from any natural language input text and assigns categories to unstructured text. Using pre-trained models and machine-learning algorithms, you can extract entities and further train and customise your models to define specific entities of any domain or type.

Name recognition and advanced matching

Spectrum dqStandardise, match, deduplicate, analyse, and consolidate customer information. Understanding individual and business names worldwide is essential to creating an engaging personalised experience while reducing risk and unnecessary cost.

A comprehensive database of family names, given names and variants, ethnicity and gender codes (including Arabic and Asian languages) will enable you to easily identify typing errors, alternate spellings and abbreviations in native and Romanised forms (e.g. in Japan, China and Korea).

Spectrum Quality uses sophisticated phonetic, distance-based, and country-specific algorithms to provide complex business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) parsing, data extraction, and flexible global name matching for more than 200 countries with millions of name variations.

Using our comprehensive database of companies, you will understand joint ownership of legal entities, abbreviations, and names of varying contacts and job functions.

Collaborative data stewardship

Correct, approve and reincorporate exceptions into your data quality process to deliver data your business can trust.

Spectrum Quality has a collaborative user interface that enables effective data management by streamlining the process of manually reviewing exception records.

Spectrum Quality enables you to:

  • Evaluate records against a set of conditions to determine if they require manual review
  • Write the exception records to the exception repository for review
  • Reprocess exception records already corrected by a data steward
  • Use the business steward portal – a dashboard of statistics and charts on a browser-based tool
  • Use the outcome of your exception handling to fine-tune your  Smart Quality matching  (applied machine learning for better accuracy at lower costs)

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