Maximize the effectiveness of your data quality efforts by selecting a robust data quality management tool equipped with the right features and capabilities to address your data management requirements.

Match and consolidate enterprise data to create accurate, comprehensive customer records with Spectrum Data Quality Solution

Spectrum DQ PSQuality and consistency of data remain a key concern for most companies. Many organisations are not satisfied with their data quality, citing incorrect information, missing data fields and inconsistent standards as contributors to the problem. The cost of poor data can be substantial, including redundant efforts, dissatisfied customers and lost revenue. Now Precisely provides the tools you need to help create and maintain up-to-date information—consistent, accurate data that can drive business results across every corner of your company. 

The Precisely Spectrum Data Quality Solution provides valuable insights that can help you improve the customer experience and increase customer value.

Business users, administrators and data stewards can all access a single, enterprise-wide data quality solution to standardize, cleanse, update and enhance customer data while streamlining the overall data quality process.


Establish a consistent foundation for data quality so marketing, customer care and operations can all capitalize on a more complete view of your customers.

Benefits of Spectrum DQ

  • Gain customer insights
  • Increase overall loyalty
  • Target more precisely
  • Acquire a comprehensive global reach
  • Streamline business processes
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Eliminate wasteful spending
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Minimize risk
  • Enhance business security

Get to Know Your Customers Better

The Precisely Spectrum Data Quality solution provides you with the rich customer information needed to locate new opportunities, connect with customers and communicate more efficiently. By linking and consolidating customer information, you can make it easier for distinct functional areas to work in concert to improve customer relationship management, due diligence, financial reporting, compliance and risk management.

  • Drive analytics and business intelligence with confidence in your data quality
  • Focus cross-marketing and cross-selling efforts on valued customers and prospects
  • Enhance and improve existing procedures through customisable business processes
  • Maximise the value of each customer interaction
  • Deliver timely, relevant and personalized communications to customers
  • Avoid embarrassing errors and costly mistakes
  • Prevent fraud, identity issues and security risks associated with global commerce

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