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Spectrum Context Graph creates accurate, actionable customer-centric views with innovative knowledge graphs.

Accelerate your understanding of critical relationships

Spectrum Context Graph

Often, critical business information is trapped in separate silos, recorded in unstandardised formats, and inaccessible to those who need it most. This diminishes the quality of your customer experience, hinders operational efficiency and threatens regulatory compliance.

Spectrum Context Graph breaks down data silos, connects hard-to-access information, and shares insights across your entire business.

You can add context to customer profiles, uncover and act on insights, and create powerful customer experiences.

Visual data modelling with knowledge graphs

To reinvent the customer experience, you need to rethink how you store and use your information.

Spectrum Context Graph uncovers hidden relationships by integrating your customer, transactional, product and social data to build a new, enriched data model that evolves with your business, your data and your information architecture. Watch the Precisely webinar recording on Context-Fueled Customer 360 to see how Grange Insurance used Spectrum to deliver a complete profile of its relationship with each customer, delivering valuable business insights, and analytics and enabling continuous improvement for better segmentation, positioning, pricing marketing and customers services profiles. 

Comprehensive capabilities

With the Spectrum unified platform, you can:

  • Cleanse, standardize and validate data
  • Link information to deliver new relationship insights
  • Make connections across any data source, whether inside or outside your organization
  • Enhance traditional data with vital contextual information, including location, demographics and more
  • Inform predictive analytics for more powerful insight
  • Standardize data governance and exceptions management
  • Visualize relationships with maps and graph databases
  • Integrate insights into existing workflows and process.

Boost value enterprise-wide, with greater accuracy, agility and context, a true single view results in more profitable business outcomes:

  • Identify new targeted sales opportunities
  • Make smarter, more effective decisions
  • Spot risk and mitigate losses
  • Provide more efficient, satisfying call-centre interactions
  • Automate self-service on a one-to-one basis
  • Customize interactions based on the time, place and context of each engagement.

Watch the TDWI-sponsored webinar recording Capturing Data Relationships to Develop Meaningful Customer Engagement to earn how you can take advantage of 4th-generation MDM to drive smarter personalization, targeted marketing across channels, and more satisfying customer engagement.

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