RFI Template for MDM and PIMLooking for a master data management (MDM) or product information management (PIM) system? The EnterWorks RFI template for MDM and PIM offers comprehensive inquiries and insights for your organization's Request for Information (RFI) while seeking a master data management (MDM) system or product information management (PIM).

Advantages of Master Data Management

An MDM or PIM solution represents a sophisticated business application, serving as a centralized hub for collecting, managing, and enhancing vital business information. It facilitates the seamless creation of a product catalogue and its internal distribution among sales teams and eCommerce channels, extending significant benefits across the enterprise and among partnering entities. The Enterworks RFI Template for MDM/PIM covers the key considerations for selecting a platform to support your business.

What is the difference between MDM and PIM?

The primary distinction between Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) lies in their respective scopes and emphases.

MDM serves as a centralized repository for all organizational information encompassing customer, vendor, supplier, financial, and various other data categories, culminating in a unified "golden record" that spans the entire company.

Conversely, PIM focuses specifically on centralizing product-related data for marketing and merchandising endeavours, emphasizing the management and dissemination of product information across diverse sales channels. Essentially, PIM operates as a subset of MDM, specializing in the meticulous handling of product information and facilitating a comprehensive 360º perspective of product data. This enables smoother expansion into new sales channels and markets by streamlining the accessibility and coherence of product details.

The Precisely RFI template for MDM and PIM  lists key features and capabilities that should be provided by either an MDM or a PIM application.

How to use the Enterworks RFI Template for MDM and PIM

This comprehensive template is designed to address various critical areas essential for organizations to carefully evaluate and contemplate when navigating the selection process for an ideal MDM or PIM solution. From foundational aspects to nuanced functionalities, it encompasses a spectrum of considerations imperative for making a well-informed and strategic choice in the realm of master data management and product information management solutions.

  • Data aggregation & Extraction
  • Data quality
  • Classification/hierarchies
  • Product Attributes
  • Merchandising & promotion
  • Digital asset management
  • Syndication & output formats
  • Catalog management
  • Search
  • Workflow
  • Portal framework
  • Security
  • Auditing
  • Administration & Reporting
  • Technical
  • Integration
  • User interface

Leverage this Precisely MDM/PIM template to ensure that you consider all the critical elements, features and capabilities that you will need to successfully deliver your MDM or PIM solution. 

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