Discover the capabilities of Precisely EnterWorks, an enterprise-grade PIM, DAM, and MDM data hub designed to foster competitiveness across diverse channels in today's dynamic digital landscape.

Transform your data into a strategic asset with our comprehensive Product Data Quality solutions. By harnessing the power of accurate and enriched product data, you can drive innovation, streamline operations, and maximize customer satisfaction. Explore the possibilities with our Product Data Quality solutions and unleash the full potential of your business.

Why Enterworks?

Speed up value realization by centralizing master data management, resulting in quicker value realization, reduced ownership costs, and enhanced cross-domain understanding.

Boost ROI on Master Data by exploring, accessing, and governing reliable master data throughout your organization and channels, driving greater returns on your master data investment.

Enhance MDM insights by broadening and automating MDM processes with advanced data integrity capabilities, enabling more informed decision-making.

Future-proof your investment by navigating intricate data challenges and effectively handling diverse data types, ensuring agility in response to market demands and adapting seamlessly to a dynamic business environment.

True Multi-domain Master Data Management

Enterworks Conceptual DiagramFoster timely, consistent, and precise decision-making with the expansive capabilities of Enterworks multi-domain MDM.

EnterWorks' innovative low-code, no-code design empowers users to swiftly deliver prioritised master data domains. It seamlessly integrates new domains—spanning product, customer, vendor, materials, and location—to fortify your investment as your organization matures. The solution's adaptability and versatility significantly enhance cross-domain intelligence, facilitating process automation, and elevating the quality and enrichment of master data—all through a unified interface.

Serving as the definitive source of truth for your master data, EnterWorks streamlines the dissemination of trusted data and content across the systems and channels crucial to your business operations.

Ensure the Integrity of Master Data with Enterworks

EnterWorks goes beyond the realms of traditional MDM. By integrating with Precisely's data integrity portfolio, you can significantly enhance the accuracy, consistency, and contextual relevance of your most crucial data.

Precisely's MDM solutions empower you to leverage trusted master data within modern data pipelines, ensuring uniform and confident data insights. They facilitate the management of data policies, meanings, and enterprise-wide processes to enhance the ROI of master data while ensuring compliance. This results in delivering master data that is accurate, consistent, and enriched with top-tier spatial analytics and geocoding capabilities across operational and analytical systems.

The Precisely Data Integrity Suite is constructed on a foundation that facilitates the discovery of your master data through a shared data catalogue. It expands insights through machine-learning-powered intelligence and deploys agents that enable workloads to operate where your data is located. 

Workflow and Collaboration

Within EnterWorks, establish data governance protocols, construct various routing systems and alerts, and conduct comprehensive audits of data and user actions to ensure adherence and accountability in line with established policies. Merge profiling and attribute management tools to monitor, scrutinize, and enhance master data. Through EnterWorks, standardize and validate data, ensuring continuous oversight of its completeness and quality.

Enforce best practices in integrating and directing data and content across diverse sources, applications, and enterprises with our robust set of workflow management tools.

Leverage an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to oversee intricate business processes and optimize collaboration between internal and external business and technical stakeholders. This interface offers a graphical representation of activity flow, enabling the creation of proactive alerts and workflows for efficient management and intervention.

Product Information Management (PIM)

Efficiently aggregate and oversee product content across all business applications to craft seamless and distinctive experiences that propel your business forward.

Beyond serving as a repository solely for product content, EnterWorks empowers your business teams to transcend the scope of Product Information Management. It enables the extraction of product intelligence from customer data, location details, sales information, and other datasets. Armed with this invaluable insight, they can curate compelling, context-rich product offerings and content, enhancing customer experiences and driving incremental revenue.

Our fundamental automation, syndication capabilities, and data quality, coupled with cutting-edge AI/ML, print automation, and portal technologies, empower your business teams to operate with heightened efficiency and agility. This comprehensive toolkit allows them to streamline processes, making your products more discoverable and delivering tailor-made, brand-aligned content that converts potential buyers into loyal customers—be it through online platforms, print media, in-store displays, or via your channel partners.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Facilitate the automated generation of content versions across various applications, ensuring consistent alignment across diverse channels, both in print and online.

Through the seamless integration of comprehensive Digital Asset Management (DAM) capabilities, EnterWorks simplifies the management of unstructured content, encompassing images, videos, audio, documents, and templates. This centralized repository caters to enterprise-wide digital assets and data, streamlining the organization, categorization, and administration of product-related files and information. Teams can seamlessly import metadata from images, configure personalized fields for cross-selling and up-selling, and automatically generate diverse image formats and resolutions tailored for print and online utilization.

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