Sustainable data quality requires the right people and processes – as well as technology – to turn raw data into business insights.

Trillium datasheetPrecisely Trillium rapidly transforms your tangled data into trusted business information to support data-driven initiatives across your organization.

Building on over twenty years of global data quality experience we can deliver our enteprise data quality capabilities in as little as 30 days, delivering trusted data for analytics and operations.

Why Precisely Trillium?

  • Flexible, rapid deployment on-premise or in the cloud
  • Intuitive interface and self-service capabilities
  • Worldwide coverage for over 240 countries, regions and territories
  • Sound South African data quality rules tested on hundreds of millions of unique records
  • Native deployment and execution for distributed architectures including Hadoop and Spark, and any hybrid environment
  • Expert advisory, technical and support services
  • Highly scalable real-time data cleansing and matching services for any application including easy integration with SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Collibra DGC and Precisely Data360
  • Open REST APIs

Phone:+27 11 485 4856