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An enterprise platform for business-first data governance

Data360 PlatformOrganizations today struggle to properly organize and utilize data, assure its quality and turn it into measurable business value. They need collaborative solutions that:

  • Speed and simplify IT efforts
  • Give business users self-service options that make them better data consumers

Precisely Data360 is a first-of-its-kind solution with integrated capabilities to streamline the data supply chain from information collection and discovery through to insights and outcomes. Most important, it gives you the power to trust your decisions. Data Governance Business users need to know where data comes from, what it means, who owns it and whether they can trust it.

Precisely Data360 provides enterprise-level data organization and understanding

Data Catalogue

Allows users to search, explore and easily access existing data, with automation that eliminates heavy lifting and connects technical data asset information with business terms and context.

Data Quality

Precisely Data360 not only delivers basic measures such as completeness, conformance and validity, but also a variety of advanced capabilities around reconciliation, streaming data and enhanced scorecards/dashboards.

Self-Service Data Prep

Speed to insight matters.

Precisely Data360’s intuitive drag and drop interface allows users to access virtually any data source and easily acquire and parse that data in a fraction of the time.

Data Analytics

The business value of data is unlocked using analytics. Precisely Data360 uses statistical, predictive and machine learning techniques to discover insights and make predictions and recommendations.

Precisely Data360 delivers a broad range of integrated features, purpose-built for enterprise capabilities, read more.

Learn how Data360, a first-of-its-kind, all-inclusive data intelligence platform, integrates data governance, data quality and analytics capabilities to give both IT and business users actionable insights in real time.

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