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Business AnalysisBusiness analysis courses are designed to provide business professionals and knowledge workers with the skills required to understand and analyse data. Our online business analytics courses are product-independent and share the expertise of international experts to build your BI career.

Business Analysis Training

Data analysis plays a crucial role in almost every job in today's business landscape.

It's amazing how data is omnipresent and strongly influences both individual and organizational performance. The ability to confidently navigate from data to valuable information, understanding, well-informed decisions, and impactful actions is a defining trait of high-performers.

Whether you're in a business or technical role, management or functional staff, data analysis is a valuable and essential skill set.

Data Analysis Certified in Business Analytics

Our business analysis courses provide the skills you and your team need to thrive in the data-driven economy.

Data analysis, once the domain of technical professionals, has now become a core business capability.

With data abundantly available and accessible in today's business landscape, data analysis skills have become essential for business managers, data scientists, knowledge workers, and even functional staff who report to business managers. Whether you're a business manager, a data analyst, a business analytics professional, or an advanced analytics practitioner, DAC equips you with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in your role.

Introducing Data Analysis Certified (DAC), a professional designation that recognizes your expertise in business analysis.

By earning the DAC designation, you're making a bold statement that you've learned from industry leaders and have showcased a deep understanding and proficiency in applying business analysis concepts and techniques.

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Business Analysis courses

Our Business Analytics track forms part of our broader data analytics curriculum and is designed for business professionals - managers, business and data analysts, and knowledge workers - who need to build their skills to understand and analyse data.

To meet DAC academic requirements in a track you must complete two required business analysis courses (R), plus two elective courses, and pass the corresponding exams.

Courses (in alphabetical order)
DAC Track
Business Analysis
Big Data Fundamentals  
Data Analysis Fundamentals R
Data Mining Concepts & Techniques  
Data Visualization and Storytelling R
Fundamentals of Predictive Analytics  
Introduction to NoSQL  
Location Intelligence and GIS  
Root Cause Analysis  
Streaming Data Concepts, Applications & Technologies  
Web Analytics  

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What is business analytics as a course?

Transform data into insights, insights into action. Business analytics courses equip you to unlock the secrets hidden within numbers, driving growth and success. Master the language of data, tell its story, and become a data-powered decision maker.

Is business analytics a hard course?

Business analytics requires a combination of technical, problem-solving, business and communication skills. Our business analytics courses will push you, but the rewards - career growth, problem-solving superpowers - are worth the climb.

What does it mean to be Data Analysis Certified?

The Data Analysis Certified (DAC) designation signifies your learning from industry leaders, showcasing a profound understanding and practical application of concepts and techniques within business analysis, data analytics, and advanced analytics. DAC status validates your expertise in data and business analytics.

Who is eLearningCurve?

eLearningCurve provides robust online educational programs, delivered by foremost authorities and educators, within diverse facets of information management. - from basic data literacy to advanced analytics and foundational data management disciplines. eLearningCurve's robust certification programs show the ability to apply knowledge gained and are recognised in over 70 countries worldwide. 



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