Assure MIMIX replicationGuarantee 24/7 application availability and protect from data loss with Assure MIMIX - the leading family of full-featured IBM i and AIX high availability and disaster recovery products

Real-time Replication to protect your business

To achieve true disaster recovery, your data must be backed up or replicated off-site in a separate location to ensure business continuity. For any business, reliable and accurate replication of system and application data is crucial.

Assure MIMIX uses IBM's Remote Journaling technology to enable fast and efficient replication between different versions of IBM i server or storage hardware. With our exclusive Journal Centric Data Group technology, replication setup and management are simplified and highly automated.

Journal Centric replication intelligently monitors and responds to journaling for system objects and data, even configuring and starting replication for newly created journals. This is especially beneficial for larger enterprise-scale operations with many IBM i journals to manage. Protect your business with Assure MIMIX.

Protect your critical IBM systems from Disaster

As a last line of defense against any data attack, your enterprise must plan for business continuity and high availability. Of course, “micro” disasters, such as database corruption or data loss due to human error, can cost your business just as dearly.

Affordable, manageable real-time disaster recovery protection for your critical IBM i and AIX  applications and data is essential.

The Precisely Assure range of products combine scalable real-time replication, self-healing audits of replicated data, an easy graphical interface, and customizable switch automation tp ensure that you meet even the most aggressive service level agreements for recovery point and recovery time.

Our solutions complement IBM's Power HA solutions to enhance replication, expand topologies, and assure worry-free failover

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