Safyr®: Hi-fidelity metadata for your SAP and other ERP packages

Easily find essential data in your ERP and CRM

Many large businesses are dependent on packaged Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM packages, to run large portions of their business.

These packages are designed to support complex business processes at scale, but in many cases, were not designed to allow easy access to the underlying data.

This hinders the ability of a business to find and access the ERP and CRM data that they may need to support data analytics, data cataloguing, artificial intelligence and other digital transformation projects.

This "Hi-fidelity metadata for your SAP and other ERP packages" whitepaper describes the importance of metadata in the context of data and information management projects and explore the particular challenges in incorporating the metadata from ERP and CRM packages - from vendors like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and Salesforce.

It will also introduce how Silwood Technology’s software product, Safyr®, for ERP and CRM metadata discovery, analysis and exploitation can help to solve those challenges and support you in avoiding some of the problems these packages commonly present.

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