geocoding ebookConsiderations for selecting geocoding technology to support a winning Location Intelligence business strategy

5 considerations when selecting a geocoding solution

Location is increasingly contributing to business planning and operations.

Geocoding may be the starting point, but the real value comes with the insights available trough location intelligence - the art and science of analyzing the connections between geospatial locations (latitude and longitude coordinates) and what exists or occurs in these locations (customers, businesses, crimes, weather events, traffic, etc.).

But before you can analyze the connections, you need to define them, associating each location-based record with accurate geospatial coordinates.

What to look for in a geocoding technology

  • Matching – The interpretation of an input address and matching it to reference data.
  • Positional Accuracy – How close the geocode is to the specific addressable location you are targeting.
  • Throughput – How many records per unit of time the geocoder can process. It’s an essential business consideration.
  • Metadata – The data you have about your geocoding results, which enables operational automation and insights.
  • Deployment Options – Where will the geocoder reside? On what platform will it run? How will it integrate?

This @Precisely Geocoding for Business eBook will help you to maximise the value you get from Location Intelligence.

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