Achieve enterprise location intelligence by turning data into actionable insights using highly flexible and scalable location data management and analytics

Spatial analytics solutions use location information to provide insights into the “where” and “in what context” of your data. This context helps you to make smarter decisions around everything from personalised marketing, site selection and managing risk, to routing, resource allocation and network optimisation. 

Spatial analytics leverages big data, consuming huge volumes of data from a variety of sources, including satellite imagery, mobile phones, vehicles and social media. Our solutions are able to consolidate and process these disparate data sets quickly and reliably - delivering accurate, actionable insights.

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Organisations that are not equipped to assess, interpret and deliver these insights timeously miss out on a fundamental decision-making capability. A capability that is powering their competitors, underpinning applications from sales strategy, to customer experience management, to site selection and more.

Location has the power to bring order to seemingly disparate datasets, linking your customer to your products, services and locations. Integrating location intelligence into any workflow can customise experiences to drive better decision-making.

Precisely's open-standards-based solutions provide you with the interoperability, and scalability, that you need to activate geospatial data for your unique environment and needs.

Spectrum Spatial Analytics solutions

Spectrum Spatial Insights helps banks, credit unions, restaurants, retailers and health care providers analyze their networks, helping their businesses grow and maximizing return on investment.

Spectrum Spatial Insights allows you to test strategies, taking into consideration key market and competitive drivers. Detailed forecasts and financial impact assessments can be created for every scenario, providing you with an actionable, defensible plan of action.

Spectrum Spatial Insights goes beyond technology, providing custom data assets to support a variety of typical models and use cases.

Spectrum Spatial Analytics

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