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Superior data quality, address management and location analysis for high-volume, high-velocity data in cloud-native environments

Location analytics are critical to your organisation’s success. Today, that means extracting value from the high volume and variety of data collected through mobile devices, smart sensors, social media and traditional address entry.

When you run big data processes in silos, efficiencies are lost. You can create a centralised data lake to store and process big data. However, transformative outcomes and data democratisation can only be achieved when geospatial processing and analytics become part of your big data environment.

Fortunately, your organisation can now take advantage of proven data quality, geocoding and location analysis capabilities directly within Kubernetes and Spark. Spectrum for Big Data integrates these capabilities with big data environments so you can achieve outcomes that previously would not have been possible.

Transforming big data into big insight with cloud-native location intelligence

Aggregate and analyse information in new ways by adding geospatial capabilities to your data lake. The result? Gain deeper insights, increase the returns on your big data investment, and achieve results that otherwise would not be possible.

Capitalise on your big data framework

Spectrum Location Intelligence for Big Data runs natively in Kubernetes or Spark. Data is analysed where it resides, so you can realise the full benefit of a distributed processing environment, including speed, resiliency and low-cost hardware.  In addition to geospatial batch processing, you can run interactive queries and iterative geospatial calculations.

Proven, comprehensive capabilities

Trusted by the world’s largest organisations, our capabilities make it easy to run the operations needed to derive more meaningful, accurate results:

  • Data quality
  • Geospatial processing
  • Location analytics
  • Geo-enrichment

With Spectrum Spatial for Big Data, you can cleanse, consolidate, geocode, enrich, and visualise massive data volumes in a fraction of the time, all within your existing cloud-native or big data environments. 

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