Analytics insights rates elcMaster Data Management partner, elearningCurve, has been named a top data science training institute of 2020 by Analytics Insights magazine.

The issue recognises prominent Artificial Intelligence and Data Science institutions that offer a rigorous curriculum and innovative teaching approach to train students to become tomorrow’s agile and skilled learning professionals. Through Master Data Management, eLearningCurve offers African students a comprehensive online education and certification programmes in various disciplines of information management including data quality, data governance, data integration, data management, analytics, and data science. eLearningCurve’s courses begin with fundamentals that teach the basic concepts and principles then move quickly to more advanced topics to teach practical skills that can be immediately applied in the workplace.

Focus on practical learning and experiences

The magazine interviews eLearningCurve Director of Education, Dave Wells, who combines more than fifty years of experience working with data and information systems with his expertise in the delivery of elearning based training. Wells has leveraged this experience to attract instructors that bring the right blend of theoretical knowledge of advanced data science techniques, the practical experience necessary to apply the theory, and the teaching skills to create and deliver high impact education.

The value of an elearningCurve education is further enhanced with examination and certification. The examination process, which is open book, provides opportunities for students to evaluate their knowledge, recognise gaps in understanding, and revisit the courses to fill those gaps. The Institute’s Certified Information Management Professional (CIMP) designation for data scientists makes a clear statement that the student has learned from industry-leading practitioners and has demonstrated a thorough understanding of data science by passing several challenging exams. The CIMP-Ex data science designation goes beyond certification of knowledge and understanding to also attest to the expertise and excellence of experienced data science professionals.

elearningCurve’s recognises data science as a multidisciplinary field covering both data analytics and data engineering. The curriculum, which is still being added to, currently includes:

  • Data Science Fundamentals
  • Introduction to NoSQL
  • Framing & Planning Data Science Projects that Drive Business Impact
  • Big Data Strategy
  • Hadoop Fundamentals
  • Putting the Science in Data Science: Fundamentals of Research Methods
  • Data Understanding and Preparation for Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals
  • Machine Learning Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of Predictive Analytics
  • Streaming Data: Concepts, Applications, and Technologies
  • Diagnostic Analytics Using Statistical Process Control
  • Prescriptive Analytics Using Simulation Models
  • Data Mining in R
  • Data Mining Concepts and Techniques
  • Analytics Modelling, Evaluation and Deployment

The severe shortage of data science skills worldwide means that institutions must look internally to grow skills. The CIMP data science curriculum is a well-tested avenue to fill the gaps between data science hiring and staffing that are the norm today.

“We have many customers in South African companies and government departments that use the eLearningCurve curriculum to up-skill their internal teams – both with a sound foundation and with specialist skills,” says Master Data Management’s MD Gary Allemann. “The elearning medium means that staff can learn at a pace that is convenient for each of them, and the constantly evolving curriculum means that we are able to keep our local specialists up to date with international best practice.”

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