Masterdata partner, MANTA, releases Manta SaaS, empowering customers with unparalleled code-level data lineage within a hosted cloud environment. With Release 42, Manta responds to evolving customer requirements, offering comprehensive solutions adaptable to both on-premises and cloud settings. This update delivers intuitive automation, expanded customization, and amplified value for data engineers, architects, analysts, and business users.

Data lineage, a critical safeguard for data quality, identifies and tracks data changes and potential flow disruptions, effectively preventing long-term issues that affect data trust. Release 42 elevates this by enhancing user experience, streamlining automated processes, and fortifying intelligence capabilities, thereby optimizing workflows and offering prescriptive insights. Moreover, it broadens platform compatibility, including robust code-level scanning capabilities for Databricks.

Manta SaaS: Unmatched Cloud Flexibility with Complete Functionality

Customers now have the choice between an on-premises Manta experience or the new Manta SaaS, enjoying the same robust platform in a fully hosted cloud environment. The Manta SaaS solution offers enhanced flexibility, catering to a wider array of businesses, aligning with distinct use cases and requirements, thereby reducing overall ownership costs.

Intuitive Automation & Versatile Connectivity

Manta's Release 42 unlocks myriad possibilities for organizations to extract maximum value from their data lineage through automation-driven intelligence, augmented connectivity options, and system-level visualizations:

Manta Intelligence:

  • Automated Cross-System Lineage Mapping: Identifies connections between systems within a data landscape, minimizing the need for manual lineage stitching by data stewards and engineers.
  • Deduced Lineage: Illuminates system interactions, providing a comprehensive high-level lineage overview without exhaustive source scanning.

Automapping with MANTA

Databricks UC Scanner:

Expands lineage insights by scanning the Databricks environment, integrating and analyzing data from diverse sources. This integration is pivotal for leveraging Databricks' ML/AI capabilities effectively.

Application View:

Bridges the technical-business divide by visualizing top-level applications, systems, and integrations, crafting an overarching architectural map to showcase repository systems and interactions.

These updated features foster stronger technical and business alignment, presenting a comprehensive data lineage view that provides valuable insights for all stakeholders.

"Manta's latest cloud capabilities, advanced customization, and top-tier visualizations make the platform more agile than ever," said Gary Allemann, MD of Master Data Management. "This release reflects MANTA's commitment to meeting evolving customer needs with value, irrespective of where they are in their data lineage journey."

OpenManta Enables End-to-End Lineage

OpenManta Designer offers a user-friendly graphical interface (GUI) for creating lineage, complementing Manta's scanners. To streamline end-to-end lineage implementation, OpenManta Designer facilitates faster integration of custom assets. Moreover, it enables manual data lineage creation through a drag-and-drop interface or spreadsheet, empowering users to establish connections between related items effortlessly.

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