Data is the foundation of every business process and every business decision, but managing data is the biggest barrier to success

For more than 15 years we have helped businesses like yours to deliver trusted data, for operations and analytics, by simplifying information management

We help you to unlock the value of your enterprise data asset

The truly data-enabled and data-driven business is one where any knowledge worker can uncover and extract the value in your enterprise data. Our approach is built upon four key principles:

Data Transparency

Easily find, understand and access the data you need

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Data Integrity

Deliver trusted data - for operations and analytics

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Data Privacy

Protect the fundamental rights of your staff, customers and suppliers

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Data Literacy

Understand how to use and manage data

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Delivering your data strategy

Does your data strategy support your business

A data strategy ensures alignment between business and data

PoPIA Compliance

The data management foundation for PoPIA compliance

understand the data implications of PoPIA


Streamline the delivery of trusted analytics

DataOps - Streamline the delivery of trusted, reliable analytics

Our EIM framework

Build your best-practise EIM capability

our enterprise information management framework

Our Technology Partners

Build trust in your data with our market leading technologies
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