Data Quality

Case Study: Canon and Oracle Customer Data Hub
Case Study: DELA Insurance and MS CRM
Case Study: Porche and SAP
Case Study: Porche SAP CRM
Case Study: Utlilites Asset Data Quality
Case Study; Reducing Financial Risk in Social Services
Datasheet: Data Quality for MS Dynamics CRM
Datasheet: Data Quality for Oracle
Datasheet: Data Quality for Siebel
Datasheet: Geocoding for Insurers
Datasheet: SAP Data Quality Connector
Datasheet: Trillium Business Rules Center
Datasheet: TS Product Data Quality
Demo: Ensuring data quality in Dynamics CRM
eBook: 5 Ways to transform data to Revenue
eBook: Improving Big Data for Customer Insights
eBook: Maximise your CustomerValue with Accurate Address Data
eBook: Why Accurate, Reliable Customer Data is a Marketing Imperative
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