Big Data

Case Study: Datameer in Banking for RegulatoryReporting
Case Study: Retail Customer Analytics
Datasheet: Datameer Smart Analytics Introduction & Comparison
Datasheet: Datameer Tableau
Datashheet: Datameer Big Data Management platform
eBook: 3 Top Big Data Use Cases in Financial Services
eBook: Big data buyer's guide
eBook: Identifying New Revenue Streams with Big Data
eBook: Power Big Data with reliable Information
eBook: Top Five High-Impact Use Cases for Big Data Analytics
eBook: Why Big Data Analytics?
Infographic - Big Data: State of the Industry
Infographic: Unlocking Big Data - Tune into the Customer Journey
People, Process and Technology Reference Card
Survey: Datameer in Financial Services
Use Case: Financial Services Customer Segmentation
Use Case: Financial Services Fraud Detection
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  • Q and A on Data & Analytics

    Data Quality Matters May 22, 2018 | 09:44 am

    Let’s define data and analytics and how specifically they are interpreted within the business context. Within a business context, many people consider data and information to be one and the same. While one can argue the definition of each, when[…]


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